Guild Wars Players News #20: Rigged by Asura

A ton of new info about the updates to specializations came out this week as well as some new fan fiction, outfits, and a bad experience with fractals from the GWP team.

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Guild Wars Players News


The Zephyrites

  • run into them a lot in the Living Story
  • caretakers of Glint’s legacy, heritage
  • Mostly humans of Canthan and Elonian background, but welcome anyone who has the same pacifist ideals and wants to study the Aspects
  • Once Glint died, they went to her corpse to make sure her magic didn’t fall into the wrong hands
  • Discovered the Aspects of air magic (sun, wind, lightning)
  • Using the Aspects, they constructed a fleet of airships so they could stay above the clouds in peace
  • Heavily rely on trading since they can’t produce their own stuff much in air ships
  • Revere Glint religiously

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Fractal attempt w/ Charchar, Drac, Ethelros that ended in rage quits; PvP with Saira, Crell, Ethelros; Everyone was randomly a jerk in-game on Tuesday; TA explorable w/ Fredelas, Saira, & Crell
  • Draculetta – Fractal attempt w/ Cithryth, Ethelros, CharChar. A Few rounds of PVP had jerks so quit. Ele to 58, Guild Wars Anniversary Event.
  • Ethelros – Raged in fractals; was salty in PvP


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  1. Tosaf /

    Well, if you need someone who won’t be upset about Fractals, I will join you all. Not that I am any good at them. In Fact I am a noob only only did them enough to get the 5 Pristines I needed for Mawdrew. But I will stick around and help if you need it. I believe I am the only Tosaf. Good Luck all.


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