How do you feel about Trahearne?

A lot of people have very strong feelings about our dear Pact Marshall – whether they hate his leafy guts or think he’s a wonderful little nerd salad.

How do you feel about Trahearne?

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  1. Welp, this’ll be a long comment.

    Here’s the the thing, for the most part I’m indifferent, but I still don’t like him. The story was about the player, then suddenly became about Trahearne, but not just that, he basically takes credit for everything the player does. Sure, he organized the Pact together, but who made all the battle decisions, who collected magical artifacts and lead the charge into Orr? The player did, but by the end of the game the player received no credit for their work, hell we had to praise him for doing such a great job in order to finish the last instance.

    It’s similar to the reason why people don’t like Kormir. The story was originally about the player saving the day, but then the player becomes a side character, most people don’t like that. I’m just surprised ArenaNet practically made the same mistake twice. I’m sure he wasn’t intended to turn out the way he did, it was poor writing and voice acting, but it happened and here we are today.

    • (I edited the post, the actual poll should be showing now – whoops!)

      Maybe it’s because of the way the ‘revamped’ Personal Story is compared to how it was at launch, but I never felt that way. I certainly felt that the early Story chapters were about me but I was never upset that I wasn’t in charge of everything all the time. I was always of the mind that without Trahearne’s knowledge of Orr and good connections with the orders, we wouldn’t be able to even start thinking about heading into Orr, let alone kill off Zhaitan.

      I think maybe part of it is because I came from LOTRO, where you absolutely aren’t the lead person in the story and that is always very clear from the start (obviously, you can’t play as the Fellowship!). So in comparison GW2’s story feels very much like I’m at the head of it, even if there are other people ‘above’ my station so to speak.

    • Grimorie /

      In all honesty I never get this argument, I’ve played Personal History many times and never once did I feel like Trahearne takes all the credit or that the player gets sidelined in any way. In fact, I actually felt like the way praise and responsibilities are handed to a virtual nobody like the playable character is a little too heavy-handed and hard to believe storytelling wise (but understandable because it is a MMO). I’m honestly always very very surprised that some players feel like the PC gets no credit when talking with NPCs you get them stepping all over you to say how amazing you are.

      More importantly whenever NPCs praise Trahearne they praise the Commander right along with him (I literally finished the personal story on one of my characters just yesterday, so it is very fresh in my memory), and Trahearne himself is very quick to say “we, our” or “YOUR”. Hell, in the Living Story when the Asura chief is being an ass he pretty much says right away that the commander is more knowledgeable and competent than him when it comes to Mordremoth.

      As for all the battle decisions, I think people forget a very key fact that the PC follows orders and can only decide between two (or three) options on strategy made by other characters for him, often Trahearne’s, who is ALSO in the party right alongside with you for most of them. So yes, rightfully people will praise him for coming with the plan and the Commander for executing them. I’ve literally never seen any single NPC praise Trahearne alone, so this argument always boils down to “I don’t like sharing spotlight in games” to me.

    • As I stated, it’s a matter of perspective. If you were on the fence like I was, then listened to a 40+ minute, hilarious rant of my best friend explaining the Personal Story to another friend, you’d be leery of Trahearne too. It was a great rant too, convinced that other friend to buy the game.

    • draculetta /

      I never even thought of it in the terms of the Kormir storyline.. but your are correct!

  2. I only finished the personal story a few weeks ago and I have no idea where people are coming from with the “He stole MY credit!” BS because this NEVER happens, if anything Trahearne is very meek and quiet and needs to be coaxed into becoming a leader and the PC has a hand in that too. I swear people should just play single player games if they want their egos so constantly stroked that other people doing heroic things as well as the PC is seen as such a threat.
    I means next they’ll be hating on the fleet because it was their guns that took down Zaitan and ‘stole their glory’ pah
    Trahearne is an awesome character who goes through a lot of growth. Plus he is a sweet heart.

  3. He’s ok. Yeah, he’s the chosen seedling or whatever, but I did all the work. No, really, pretty much all the npc “helpers” always died when I played. No, I didn’t do it. Anyway, I never felt I was denied credit or glory, but I also don’t give two skritts about that. I think you can make a good story out of just about anything and being in the spotlight is not a prerequisite, unlike, say, keeping the plot in the original order.

    If I have a point, I guess it’s that I don’t have the usual “reason” (or any other for that matter) to dislike him, but I also didn’t find anything spectacular about him either. I have not killed big Z yet and have not done the living story, so if it turns out he also starts a world-ending event and then becomes a god as a result, then I’ll probably hate him too.

  4. Char-char O'Dell /

    All I’m gonna say is he freed the King of Ore’s MIND and made PLANTS grow. He killed a dragon.

    (Morty is the master of mind and plants and only a dragon can kill a dragon) – TRAHEARNE IS A DRAGON MINION. He killed Tybalt! Tybalt’s like, “Yo, bros, I’ll hold ’em off.” Then he dies on Claw Island. Later we find out Old T-Bag is the most powerful necromancer ever (like three flesh golems summoned when HE needs to save HIMSELF) on the way to Fort Trinity. So yeah, I hate him and all salads. Bunch of Dragon-worshiping traitors.

    When Trahearne is the final boss battle I’ll be laughing.

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