Chronomancer: Mesmer Elite Specialization

Today marks the first day that ArenaNet has started going into detail about our new elite specializations that each profession will receive. The first lucky profession is the mesmer. The name of their new elite specialization that they will have access to in Heart of Thorns is called the “chronomancer”. With access to a shield off-hand, a new effect called Alacrity, and a new shatter skill, the Chronomancer specialization sounds pretty awesome!


  • Unique to chronomancers, though they can give allies this boon at times as well
  • Acts like the ‘inverse’ of chill – it speeds up skill recharges instead of slows them down


  • Tides of Time skill – You launch a wall of temporal energy from the shield, absorbing all projectiles fired into it. If it passes through an enemy, that enemy becomes frozen in time and stunned. Allies touched by the wall are granted quickness. Once the wall reaches its maximum distance, it comes back to the mesmer (and follows them if they move) and applies its effects again.



  • Ground-placed wells like the current Necromancer wells
  • Have the appearance of clock faces, not just for thematics but also because they tick in-time with the well’s pulses
  • Well of Precognition skill – Causes allies in the area to become unblockable. When the well ends, it gives them a burst of evasion


Continuum Split/Shift (New shatter skill in F5)

  • When activated, the chronomancer sacrifices all of their illusions to split themselves off the normal time flow for a duration based on how many illusions were shattered
  • Once the duration ends, the mesmer is reverted back to where they were when they activated the split – not just location wise but also their health, endurance, and skill cooldowns

This chronomancer specialization sounds really intriguing and I can see some very talented mesmers pulling off some mind-blowing things with this specialization. Besides just the overview article on the chronomancer, they also released an article talking about how the chronomancer came to be. Originally, they had plans to create a chronomancer profession with theĀ Guild Wars Utopia campaign, that never came to be. However since mesmers and chronomancers both are “mages with the power to manipulate reality” it was a natural choice to make the chronomancer a mesmer specialization – especially since the mesmer in GW2 already has some light time-bending skills. Unlike the druid specialization for rangers, the concept of chronomancer came before they decided on what new weapon to give the profession. They eventually settled on shield because of the obvious clock-face capabilities.

If you want to see and hear more about the chronomancer, don’t miss tomorrow’s Points of Interest livestream. You’ll get to see some discussion from Robert Gee and some gameplay as well.

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  1. I do like how they decided to give them shield because, “Hey, clocks are big and round, shields are big and round, therefore Chronomancer gets a shield.” I’m not complaining, I can’t wait to make a Chronomancer. I just think ANet’s train of thought is hilarious.


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