New In The Gem Store

Balthazar’s Weapon Set

Celebrating the enduring legacy of the Guild Wars franchise, we have weapons inspired by the fabled warrior Balthazar! To celebrate our history even more, we’ve also temporarily reduced the ticket price for Chaos and Tormented weapons to one Black Lion Claim Ticket per weapon.


Mini Piglet and Mini Orange Kitten

It’s springtime again, and that means baby miniatures! Treat yourself to an adorable and loyal companion with the Mini Piglet or befriend the fierce Mini Orange Kitten. Keep your eye out for more coming soon!


Black Lion Chest Update

Important announcement! We’ve added three new miniatures to the Black Lion Chest! In order to improve your chances to grab these and other rare items, we’ve reduced the pool of items that can drop from the chest!

New drops!

  • Mini Snow Owl
    Mini Hawk
    Mini Raven

Removed Drops

  • Custom Arena Time Tokens
    Lion’s Arch Commemorative Dye Kit
    Lion’s Arch Survivors Dye Kit
    Mini Super Monkey
    Mini Super Spider
    Mini Super Bee Dog
    Mini Super Yeti
    Mini Super Raccoon
    Mini Super Banana

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