Specialization Calculator by that_shaman

That_shaman is well known in the GW2 community for data mining and creating some very useful tools for us, like the world boss timer at dulfy.net. Now also on Dulfy’s site, that_shaman has released a sort of specialization calculator. It’s based on the notes from the livestreams that have been happening lately covering all the new profession specializations and traits. It allows you to familiarize yourself with the UI and traits of all the professions so you can understand what changes to make to your build before Heart of Thorns releases (whenever that is). Keep in mind that changes and tweaks will probably be made to the skills and calculator as time goes and we get closer to launch. For now, it’s a really interesting tool to keep in mind for the expansion.


Along the top, you click on the icon of whichever profession you want to use. Then along the left side you can click on the arrows to choose which three specializations to use. Note that elite specializations are not included in this tool yet.

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