When do you think Heart of Thorns will be released?

As we continue to get more and more detailed information each week, one question we are all still left with is, “When will be expansion launch?” ArenaNet continues with their “when it’s ready” line and has not given any kind of time frame for the expansion launch. So when do you think we’ll finally get our hands on it?

When do you think Heart of Thorns will be released?

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  1. I’m a terminal pessimist, so I never expect anything to be released ever. At least I’m pleasantly surprised sometimes.

  2. I feel ANet release information about a specialization every other week, similarly to what they did with professions prior to the launch of the game. Just like how we had Chronomancer, we might get Druid or Tempest next and so on, until we reach the end of the line (likely the Revenant specialization will be last). Then they’ll release the expansion shortly after.

    So, if ArenaNet follows that line of thought, the expansion should release in late July or sometime in August. Of course, this is just pure speculation, based on what they did in the past. It could be the end of this year or early next year. There’s no way to be absolutely sure, unless they give us an exact date.

    • Aha, see what I mean? They just release a graphic depicting a Guardian with a long bow.

    • This is exactly what I was thinking. ANet’s information release has always felt a little bit like clockwork — so perhaps it’ll just be about ten weeks or so until all the professions are ticked out. So I thought perhaps late July or August.

  3. I agree with you Mel, except they like to carry these things through the gaming conferences at the end of the year, so I expect it to be a few months later to hype train it..

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