Roaming is Hard

Generally, it’s just Lillica and Charchar. Alone and unafraid. Not on purpose, of course, but it’s so hard to find people who have builds that work well with a back-stab thief and runaway warrior other than other back-stab thief and a runaway warriors.

The two of us; flipping camps, picking off the tail ends of zergs, and scouting. Oh, how I love scouting. It brings me back to my days in the Corps- pretending to be a comm guy, sending reports on HF to the bootenant. It amazes me how hard it is to find good scouts for a zerg when you consider how useful knowing the size, faction, and direction an enemy force is-
Just amazing.

Two seems like a good number. At best, we have taken on a party of 5 roamers. At least, I think they were roamers, but they could have just as well been zerglings in the same party. Between my massively overpowered health regen and Lillica’s blinding fields, we do alright for ourselves when fighting in close proximity. When things get bad, I run away- nobody can outrun a warrior specialized for proper skirmishing, and Lillica, of course, will simply disappear. Really, we build ourselves to be more powerful in single combat than the average zerglings, but with enough evasion to escape large groups or individuals with proper fighing builds- like those one would find within PvP.

It can be fun to run a fighting build, though. Zerglings are usually all DPS or all tank with a lot of support built in; a relatively balanced and selfish fighter demolishes them if they’re separated from the group.

Speaking of separation, camping outside enemy spawn zones is just the bees knees. of course, for it to work, a more powerful force of your own must be matching or defeating an enemy zerg- not too fast, of course, so that the enemy can be killed one by one, as the exit. I must say that a double longbow zerk ranger combo does this simply marvelously- though that specific duo could not be worse suited for a straight up fight against a force any greater than two- and hopefully not stance-based warriors.

Sadly, Dragonbrand is dropping tiers a lot, lately. With AIR and Borlis Savers leaving for a lower-tier server, we just don’t have the coordination that we used to have so it’s almost exclusively havoc…at least when I’m playing. I do plan to switch servers, though…

I know, I usually talk about my ranger. That’s because I prefer PvP and condi survival rangers are very good in PvP. However, they do not roam (trapper ranger has no cleansing and is therefore no good and very bad because it almost certainly implies use of NOT LONGBOWS!) but warriors roam very well. When considering a good build for roaming, consider speed above all else. Must have swiftness, super speed, movement attacks, invisibility, or that 25% movement buff that most classes have because a dead scout is worthless- you didn’t take the depot, and you have no intel to pass up.

Coordinating with a zerg, is hard, too. Providing relevant information is good. Acting as a trip wire is also good. Flipping camps is boring….but is also good. Dying is bad; I do not enjoy dying.

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  1. I spend a lot more time watching WvW than participating — although mostly in the zone with everyone else, and often defending a wall, rather than attacking. One of the things that I’ve always enjoyed was watching havoc crews work. The three or four roamers drifting past to pop a caravan or flip a camp in the wake of the enemy zerg. Just out of reach — the same sort of small team that struck terror into my heart as I roamed alone to get that last POI or vista.

    I am however, curious, about the tactic described above of setting up a kill squad between the enemy zerg and near their spawning point. I can see people from the zerg feeling confident that the territory is held, floating out in ones and twos, and then meeting the iron jaws of a death squad waiting for them. I never did consider that — perhaps I’ll make sure to watch for it.

    Dragonbrand is my home server. I know it’s suffered somewhat in the rankings, but I’m still happy with its WvW experience.

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