The Story of Annon: Overworked Part 1


Part 1: Late Nights

Annon was slumped over her desk in the dark corner of her small workspace. Papers, gadgets and other things lay spread across the tent in a chaos of organized piles, leaving even less to move in the already cramped space. A dim crystal hovers off to the side, providing the only source of light, save some moonlight coming in from the flap of the door.

The morning hours were spent working as her uncle’s assistant and krewe supervisor, but the nights were her time. Her studies on the effects of combing magnetics and arcane magic got her into the College of Synergetics. Annon had originally heard of the concept when she was younger and her uncle was complaining how he could never get the two to work together properly, which mostly ending in explosions of stone shards flying everywhere; “It’s a wonder he never lost his ears”, she’d thought to herself at the time. He had patronized her for not coming up with an original invention to get into college, but she knew he was proud of her, if not a bit jealous for making his failed experiment work.

She looked up a sheet of paper, a sheet of paper which has been blank for hours. She had been attempting to formulate a way to increase the efficiency of her Magnetic and Arcane Generators, MAGs for short, for weeks now. Not a single idea had popped into her head. Annon, along with her uncle, had adapted her MAGs to be used on several prototype golems. The MAGs exponentially increased each unit’s efficiency and ability to perform complex tasks, while decreasing power use, but also required a significant amount of maintenance and troubleshooting. Because of these issues, only one golem currently runs off of her MAG system.

Frustrated, the young asura sat up and grabbed the floating crystal. She looked at her dusty cot on the other side of the tent and got up; leaving the blank parchment to torment her no more. She carefully tip-toed towards the cot, as to not trip on any of the clutter. Upon reaching her destination, Annon plopped face first onto her soft pillow. Before drifting off to sleep, she wondered what mess she’s have to fix in the morning. This is the life on an overworked progeny.




This is my first real attempt at writing a fictional story, I’d love to hear what you guys think of it. I’ll start adding illustrations as the story progresses as well. To summarize the background, this is the story of my character Annon, who is the niece and protege of another one of my characters, Meltak. They both run a multiracial krewe, called the Asura News Network, which is set on becoming the number one information source for all Tyrians.

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  1. Alicia J /

    Wow, I am super excited about this. Can’t wait to see where it goes!


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