Dragonhunter: Guardian Elite Specialization

Staying on schedule, today ArenaNet has released another blog post announcing the new guardian elite specialization, “the dragonhunter”. In the blog post, they describe this new specialization as “a ferocious big-game hunter that specialized in ranged combat and back-line support.” This is quite different from the current theme surrounding guardians (except that support bit). With this specialization, guardians will be able to wield longbows and utilize traps, all to hinder and damage the enemy as well as help your allies. Virtues get a bit of a change to allow you to stay at range and fulfill the role of the big-game hunter.


  • Will require aiming to some extent, rather than just fire and forget
  • Will still have their passive effects as well, allowing you to continue to support your allies
  • Justice
    • becomes “Spear of Justice”
    • a spear made of light that you throw, piercing enemies and tethering them and continuously burning them
  • Resolve
    • becomes Wings of Resolve
    • grow wings of light and leap into an area, healing allies
    • can also be traited to do an attack upon landing
  • Courage
    • becomes Shield of Courage
    • create a shield in front of you that blocks attacks for all allies in range



  • shoots projectiles of light rather than arrows
  • Symbol of Energy can be launched into an area to grant allies vigor
  • Deflecting Shot can be used to destroy enemies’ projectiles


  • light-based magical traps that the guardian can imbue into the ground
  • Dragon’s Maw – the specialization’s elite skill, though no other details on the skill were provided
  • The dragonhunter’s heal is also a trap (no seriously)
    • when triggered by enemies, they take a hit and become blinded while the guardian gains health


On top of all this, the dragonhunter specialization will be giving access to some functionality and effects that were previously reserved for the more physical professions. Mobility, bleeds, and cripples will come in the form of traps and other traits and skills. If you’re interested in seeing the dragonhunter in action, don’t miss tomorrow’s Ready Up livestream where they will be showcasing this new big-game hunter specialization.


  1. Char-char O'Dell /

    Moderate mobility. Long range. Traps. Conditions.

    Sounds like a mashuip between warrior’s longbow and a trapper ranger.

    With the changes to burning, this might be pretty good.

    Considering the major weaknesses of trapper thieves and rangers are their lack of cleansing, a guardian could, perhaps, fulfill the role of a trapper with cleansing.

  2. Char-char O'Dell /

    Still, I don’t like the name;

    Not everyone wants to be a vengeful Norn with a dead mommy.


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