Upcoming WvW Stress Test

Today ArenaNet announced that they will soon be doing a WvW stress test for the upcoming Desert Borderlands map, to be released with Heart of Thorns. They specify that these tests will be run on an entirely different client from our current GW2 client and will be tested by ‘the most active WvW players’:

This initial test will be small in size and duration and will focus on stressing the stability of our systems. We’re planning on expanding the number of participants involved for later tests, and we’ll release more information on how you can participate in those tests sometime in the future. This initial test will feature some of the most active WvW players in Guild Wars 2.

In addition to this information, they also decided to stress and clarify some information about how they are handling betas and stress tests:

  • Public PvP Stronghold tests are open to anyone and everyone while they are up and running. If you play GW2, that is the only prerequisite needed to get in and test
  • PvE tests to test the Heart of Maguuma zones are closed tests, open only to those lucky enough to find the Portal to the Heart of Maguuma item OR those selected from the list of newsletter sign ups

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