Reaper: Necromancer Elite Specialization

Today ArenaNet has released the third profession elite specialization, this time for the necromancer. A necromancer in Heart of Thorns can look forward to becoming a Reaper, wielding a greatsword. The Reaper draws thematically from classic horror movies and video games. It is a slow melee brawler who “is at home in battle when surrounded by as many enemies as possible, cleaving through hapless foes for life-force sustainment.” Rather than entering Death Shroud, Reapers will enter Reaper’s Shroud. Here are some of the details:

Reaper’s Shroud

  • Totally different skills when in Shroud
  • Uses a giant shadow scythe
  • Melee focused, like the entire spec
  • Traits that would usually apply to death shroud apply to Reaper’s Shroud
  • Death’s Charge (skill) – Spin your scythe and dash forward a moderate distance, damaging foes in your path. When the dash ends, release an explosive poison cloud
    • replaces the current #2 Death Shroud skill, Dark Path



  • Reaper uses this condition heavily
  • Shivers of Dread (minor trait) – When you inflict fear on an opponent, you also inflict chill
  • Cold Shoulder (minor trait) – Chill lasts longer, and chilled foes deal less damage to you


  • Utility skills that can hit up to 5 enemies and scale in effectiveness based on how many foes are hit
  • “Rise!” (utility skill) – Strikes up to 5 foes in a large radius, dealing a small amount of damage and summoning a jagged horror for each foe struck.

Gravedigger (skill)

  • You draw upon dark energy to deliver a slow but devastating blow to all the foes around them. If any foes struck by this skill are below 50% health, the skill’s recharge time is dramatically reduced


As someone who mainly plays a necromancer, I am super excited for this elite specialization! In addition to all the info above, ArenaNet also released another Hidden Arcana blog post, this time giving some background information on how the Special Effects Artist Lee Bledsoe created some of the Reaper’s skill animations. They take a lot of time and energy crafting each skill animation and it’s definitely an interesting read.

Tomorrow at noon Pacific Time will be the next Points of Interest livestream, where they’ll be showing off some Reaper gameplay.

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