Lion’s Arch Speculation from PoI Livestream

Now, I normally don’t like to speculate, but something caught my eye during the Reaper specialization livestream. They had temporarily cut to a Reaper in LA, then cut back after about 15 or so seconds, what was shown is something most people would likely miss. The Reaper was standing in front of the original bank and behind were two wooden bridges.

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Strangely, something seemed off, so I took a screen cap and went in-game to the exact same position.  My first thought was, “Well, maybe they’re just in the original LA instance. The one for the story fixes.” But they aren’t in that instance of Lion’s Arch. This is what I saw.


As you can see, the city is still destroyed from Scarlet’s attack. Something is different though. Upon closer inspection, the buildings on the closer bridge and the collapsed tower are gone, in the livestream version of LA. One would likely think that means it was like that in the last version of LA, but no, those buildings and tower were standing before the assault, yet they were missing in the livestream.


When you look closely at it (bottom left corner), you can still see the rubble from where to tower fell. Not to mention the Reaper is standing on a dirt patch where pre-destroyed LA had wooden planks and the wooden bridges are still damaged, showing this is after the Scarlet attack. What does this all mean?

This can be one of a few things. 1) They were in a (not original) version of LA, for the Personal Story fixes; 2) in a fixed up version of Lion’s Arch, after the attack (either still a work-in-progress or finished) or 3) I’m a lunatic. I’m hoping it’s not the last one, but I am positive it has to be Original-Not-Original LA or Fixed-After-Scarlet LA. Tell me what you guys think, am I jumping the gun or does the information stack up?


Saw more of the video, though it was just a few seconds of the bridge area, I sure feel dumb (why I don’t speculate). So, they moved the camera around and pretty much everything is cleared up and there are still workers doing things, which likely means it is the version of Post-Scarlet LA. Sorry everyone, totally jumped the gun. XD


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