Guild Wars Players News #23: Don’t Fear the Reaper

Necromancer Players News! We talk about the newly revealed necromancer elite spec, Cithryth’s thoughts on necros in general and we also tackle the topic of ‘the meta’.

Game News

Guild Wars Players News

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Finally got guardian PvP to click playing heaps with Saira; Joined Apocalyptic Armaggedon [AARM] guild; Vinewrath; Asc Catacombs; Seriously though, soooo much PvP with Saira
  • Draculetta – Ascalonian Catacombs Path With Cithryth and Saira, And Ethelros,
  • Ethelros – Faffny to 25; level 20 PS complete, ‘Grand High Sovereign’; Asc Catacombs

GW2 Academy

“Can I play a light armor-wearing human female without wearing skimpy armor?”


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Featured Comments

Tapkoh commented on “Are Necromancers Really So Good?”:

“You don’t know what you’re talking about. The minions are adorable! Once, when I was still learning the Necromantic arts, I used bone minions to act out a wedding. Adorable! The real thing is so much nicer, though. Especially without the groom’s arms falling off. 🙂

Oh, and nobody uses blood magic.”

Ultra sent us an email:

Hello Cithryth,

Hi I’m Ultra, been a fan of the show for a few months now.  I do a biweekly segment on wvw and pvp called Surviving the Mists on the GW Reporter podcast.  You mentioned you were having trouble with Guardian in pvp and that you were trying to do different builds and avoiding the meta builds.  I’ve got a few things that may help you out if you have not considered them or if noone has mentioned them yet.

First, you mentioned that you were going for a condi style build.  While Guardians can do a lot of burning damage, it’s really the only condition they can apply and since it doesn’t stack (yet) and it is the sole condition… it gets cleared very quickly and easily.  Not saying that condi Guard is bad or you won’t be successful with it,  it’s just very difficult to be effective with it.  Personally, I think that going with condi Guard is a huge sacrifice for little gain.

Second, healing!  Guardians have a lot of healing that can be activated by either shouts or meditations.  If you invest 6 points in the 3rd traitline you’ll get to choose between Altruistic Healing or Monk’s Focus.  AH gives you health for every boon you put on an ally (or yourself) and MF gives you health everytime you use a meditation.  This traitline is currently the healing foundation of the Guardian class.  That’s why there is a Meditation meta and an AH shout meta.  Medi-zerker Guards are popular because you can do a lot of damage and have a lot of healing sustain at the same time.  AH shout Guardians are great for teams to have because they bunk points, boon allies, and beat up enemies.

Third and last, I know you don’t like going with the meta, but it’s a good place to start if you’re new to a class.  Meta builds are popular because they’re successful and usually not too difficult to pick up.  I encourage people to start there and once one becomes more comfortable with a class build, then tweek/overhaul/make it your own.

Thanks for all the work that you do for the community.  You and the crew are great!  I hope that you found this message helpful!



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