The Story of Annon: Overworked Part 2

Special Note: Annon is pronounced /an on/, the name was to be similar to anonymous, as I needed a fictional editor/writer for my articles. Didn’t think about mentioning it until I heard Cithryth on the podcast. I’m calling you out girl, saying my character’s name wrong, I thought we were pals. Anyways, story time.

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Part 2: Morning Routine

An alarm bellowed from outside the tent. Annon groaned, having only collected a few hours of sleep. The sound continued to buzz in her ears as she changed out of her blue pajamas of 1’s and 0’s and into her work attire. She yelled, “Cease that fritzing sound or I’ll remove your vocal processors!” Her tone was both stressed and tired, but got the point across. The wake-up call immediately ceased. A few minutes later, she was in her dirty overalls, completely covered in a fine layer of dust from the ground. Annon attempted to brush off as much as she could before snatching her toolbox.

The asura waltzed out of her tent, it was still cool, the sun not yet high enough to scorch the Maguuma Wastes. In front of her stood a massive golem with five impeded crystalline orbs for eyes, two right arms and one big toothy grin. The golem began, “Miss-Annon-I-did-not-mean-to-disrupt-your-slumber,-but-your…”, she cut it off, “I don’t care. Open your mouth.” The golem leaned over and opened its maw of sharp, metal teeth. Mouths aren’t common on golems, but Menace wasn’t your average golem. The mouth was only a facade, its purpose to grant easy access for maintaining its inner circuitry and not for talking, though it does tend to scare away bandits as well.

The Magnetically ENhanced Arcane Crystal Enforcer (MENACE), is the only golem that uses her MAG system. It requires maintenance and fine tuning at least once a day and the only two individuals in all of Tyria that can keep it running is Annon and her uncle. “Well, it looks like you burned out a diminutive crystal and have a loose coupler. Nothing major today.”, Annon exclaimed. “How-wonderful.-It’s-so-nice-to-have-a-mistress,-such-as-yourself.”, it beamed in a monotone, yet eccentric voice. As Annon continued with the repairs, she couldn’t help but be elated by what the golem had said. She’d probably spent as much time working on the golem’s behavioral matrix as the MAG inside it. The system was so sophisticated, that the golem could be considered to have a pure artificial intelligence, which is practically illegal. Generally, golems have been fitted with sedition inhibitors since the Great Golem Uprising of 1284, but not her’s. Annon had always believed golems could be so much more than slaves off the asura, but most others and the Arcane Council aren’t willing to risk another golem revolution, especially when security golems now increasingly outnumber peacekeepers.

“There, better than a 3 days ago.” Annon wiggled out and patted the golem’s darksteel plated surface, finished with the repairs. “Oh,-may-the-graces-of-many-fall-upon-your-ears-milady.”, the golem complimented while spinning around, testing the adjustments. ‘That’ll be the day.’, the asura thought to herself, then inquired, “What does Meltak want now?” It took a moment for the golem to process the request, “Your-mother’s-brother-has-requested-your-input-and-action-on-various-topics.-He-is…”, Annon interrupted the golem a second time, “I know where he is and it’s uncle, not mother’s brother. I programmed you to be efficient, not inept; now let’s get moving.” Menace turned around and crouched, opening a cockpit for the young asura to jump in.

Annon’s tent was stationed on a cliff, overlooking the rest of the camp in the valley below; it’s not that she wanted to be able to watch over the krewe, she enjoyed the seclusion. It can be difficult organizing a krewe comprised of multiple races. Working on personal projects, in silence, has been the only way she’d been able to stay sane. It gave her time to write on reports, file papers and tweak her inventions. Most of the krewe must go through her to know what needs to be done, which is part of her job as the supervisor, still no one dares go near her workspace once the sun goes down. The krewe constantly spread various rumors about her, things like she’s really a golem disguised by mesmer magic, she has a cold heart because someone she loved stole an invention or that she once ripped off a charr’s ear for walking into her quarters without announcing himself and caught her undressing. Well, the last one was true, but he still has 3 ears left. Annon doesn’t try to come across as a harpy, she’s just very reclusive and wants everyone to get their work done efficiently; though it doesn’t help that workers want someone to blame for all their work and she’s the perfect target.

The golem continued lumbering down the slope and reached the base of the valley, right at the edge of camp. There was a norn moving equipment, two charr quarreling over the last slice of meat from breakfast by a dying fire, a sylvari inquisitively staring at a small shrub and about half a dozen asura completing various tasks. Menace halted in front of an extravagant tent, much larger and ornate than the rest. “Destination-reached.-Enjoy-your-visit-with-your-…uncle.” The golem powered down, collapsing its appendages to its main body and opening the cockpit door. Annon climbed out and gave a sigh, gazing at the tent. Now begins the day of an overworked progeny.



Second Special Note: I don’t believe I explained how old Annon is; she’s in her late teens. I’m not sure exactly when asura graduate from college or for that matter, when they’re even allowed in. There’s a bit of a lore gap there where I can’t find the relevant information. Point being, I didn’t want you guys to see the word progeny and think Annon is like the young asura in Metrica Province or Taimi. The word was meant to mean she is one of the youngest in the krewe and related to one of the other main characters of the story… it also made for a cooler title.

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