World V World Upgrades in Heart of Thorns


Although we aren’t getting a new specialization reveal this week, we are getting some more info on changes and upgrades being made to the World v World system and mechanics! Since I don’t WvW myself, I’ll just list some key points that ArenaNet has given. For more details, definitely go check out the full blog post.

Upgrade System Changes:

  • We’ve removed the supply cost for upgrades.
  • Supply holds and supply shipments will be smaller.
  • We’ve removed the gold cost for upgrades.
  • Individual upgrades are now grouped into upgrade tiers.
  • Upgrading to the next tier now happens automatically over time.
  • There are two tiers for camps and three tiers for all other objectives.
  • Higher tiers take longer to upgrade than lower tiers.
  • Each shipment from a dolyak caravan will reduce the remaining time by a set amount.
  • The time it takes to fully upgrade an objective should still be roughly the same as it was before these changes.

Ability System Changes

  • We reduced the total number of ability ranks of Guard Killer and Defense Against Guards from 10 to 5.
  • The Applied Fortitude and Applied Strength effects have been removed.
  • Ability lines that increased percentages from 1% to 5% now increase percentages from 2% to 10%.
  • We reduced the total cost of specific siege weapon lines from 75 points to 60 points.
  • We reduced the total cost of the Supply Capacity line from 300 points to 145 points.
  • The Supply Master and Mercenary’s Bane lines remain at 15 points.
  • We normalized all ability progression tracks of five ranks per line to 35 points.
  • We normalized all ability progression tracks of four ranks per line to 15 points.

If you’re still keen for more information, tomorrow during the Ready Up livestream WvW game designer Tyler Bearce will be doing an in-depth discussion and showcase of the new automatic upgrades system in WvW! On top of that, Ready Up will be showcasing some Dragonhunter PvP gameplay!

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