Guild Wars Players News #24: Voldemort

Slow week for game news, but we do have some great fiction and articles on the site this week! Ethelros and Cithryth discuss the… unique looks of Ethelros’ necromancer.

Game News

Guild Wars Players News


Languages of Tyria

  • Common – the unnamed, common language spoken by nearly every sentient race in Tyria
    • New Krytan – standard writing system used throughout Tyria, created by the Durmond Priory in 1105AE
  • Ascalonian – mostly faded out, but Seperatists still use it, as do those around Ebonhawke
  • Asuran – was originally partially mathematical, but has changed significantly in the past 250 yrs. Can still be seen throughout Tyria.
  • Charr – no written language, but do have their own language
  • Norn – Originally had a written and spoken language though the written has all but died out. Norn have multiple words for ‘hunt’
  • GW1 had extensive runes and written languages, including the Ascension Glyphs, Ascalonian, Elonian, Old Canthan, Old Krytan, and Mursaat, among others.

What did you do this week in-game?

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GW2 Academy

  • Cithryth –
    • PvP – Ranger is super fun; PvP’d with Saira and Nav; Made a mesmer asura for PvP/chronomancer purposes (Princess Fluffkins)
    • PvE – Decided to start working towards Twilight for necrokitty; Jumping puzzles with Ethelros and Saira
  • Draculetta – Nothing.. had a very bad week
  • Ethelros – JPs with Cithryth and Saira; (small) amount of PvP; Necro to 35, PS(chose Order of Whispers)


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