Beta Impressions Part 1: Revenant, Story and Events

This will be my first impression of the Heart of Thorns beta. The second will release tomorrow and the video later this week or early next week. This will be an opinionated article. Enjoy.

The plants were super pretty.

The Revenant:

As the obvious choice, I picked the Revenant for my first 2 hour session to get a feel for it. It seemed a bit lacking, but that could be because we still don’t have all the skills, weapons and trait lines. I started with the hammer, but it was hard to remember that it is a ranged weapon on the Revenant. I personally found the hammer 3 skill distasteful, it does an AoE leap and changes the camera angle; making you think you’re moving, but in actuality you’re in the same position, not to mention it hurt my eyes trying to figure out what was happening during it. I believe ArenaNet should have added a bit more, to continue to show off their new profession, but they sadly did not. The F1 swapping was still exactly the same as the previous beta, so nothing to report there. Not that I hate it, there’s just nothing new to add.

They didn’t get very far…

The Story:

Onto the story. You’re kind of thrown into it, they show the final cut scene from season two, then you’re told the whole fleet was destroyed and needs help. I’m sure that’s just because  this is a beta and there are time constraints. Though, the Pact still didn’t seem to get very far, based on the fact that the new map is directly connected to the Silverwastes. When you get there, there’s a story instance, where you’re given two options: help the Pale Reavers or bunker down and protect the surviving Pact members.

I chose to help the Reavers, proceeding to wipe out mordrem on my way there, some of whom had very mean things to say to the Commander. We saved them, there’s a small boss fight with the new break bar mechanic, which I hardly noticed and went back up to the makeshift camp. We fought off more mordrem, then another boss on a dinosaur mount charges in. Once again, the fight was rather stale, new boss and new mechanics, but something felt missing still.

Rytlock’s back baby!

Then suddenly, ‘Blam!’, Rytlock showed up and shoot a projection of Glint at the boss, knocking him off the mount. Once the battle was over, there’s a short conversation and Rox states how awesome Rytlock’s new powers are and so on. A change I definitely liked was our character once again speaks; praise the Eternal Alchemy, thank the Pale Tree, etc., whichever floats your boat.

Old ruins, wonder who build them.


A major difference between this and the last beta, is that there was no wyvern fight, which was disheartening, but maybe next time. I’m not sure how I like what they’re trying to do yet, where you push forward in the day and defend at night, waypoints constantly becoming contested. The good thing is each event had a different way of attacking and defending; it was like one big king of the hill game, but with a dozen different hills. One event required snipers to take out enemies that couldn’t be hurt normally, while another had you chucking bombs at a giant vine. In the end, it still felt like standard map events with a new flavor.

I just really like these new plant designs.

The second installment, Beta Impressions Part 2: Map, Masteries and Creatures will release tomorrow, with a video following a few days later. The next post will definitely be much more positive on my outlook of the beta.

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