Beta Impressions Part 2: Map, Masteries and Creatures

This is an opinionated article; I will release a fairly neutral review video sometime within a week. The previous article covering the Revenant, story and events can be found here.

Verdant Brink

Based on where the name for Verdant Brink is, it can be surmised the beta only took place on half the map.


It took a while after, but thinking about it, Verdant Brink was quite visually stunning. It reminded me of  Kessex Hills after the tower was destroyed; that said, just like Kessex, the wreckage everywhere makes it  trashy. The nights were bright, with the glowing embers and lanterns, which was lovelier than the day  hours.

Areas of the map were very distinct from one another as well. There was an ancient structure left in ruins, that had what appeared to be a battle pit; the itzel village had many tiers to it and underground was a sort of temple to their forest goddess, Ameyalli.



I’ve got a golden ticket.


Masteries galore.


Mastery Points are earned through leveling (when max level), finding/using MP orbs, map completion, etc.; basically, through playing the game normally. These points can’t just be spent at will though, you have to select a track to follow and level it until you can spend earned points to unlock that tier’s perks. I only had time for the glider, which was alright. I didn’t like how you had to be in free fall before it could be activated, then there was a short delay to when it actually deployed.

The lore section covered the itzel, nuhoch, exalted and mushrooms. Furthering the race related masteries unlocked things like being able to fight enemies better, access their services and the ability to participate in tests for rewards. The precursor crafting had four tiers, the first three for making current precursors and the final for the new precursors being added to HoT. In addition was a Fractals track, but there were no descriptions for it.


Someone’s a sour sprout. Haha, plant jokes.

Races and Creatures:

There were a few distinct types of mordrem, most of which we’ve already seen. The most important additions are the humanoid mordrem guards, it seems likely to me that they are the corrupted sylvari; there are two physical types, the large brutish males and the slender assassin females. Some can be seen riding corrupted reptile mounts. Then, there were the giant worm like mortars (I never caught what they’re called), they were aesthetically pleasing to look at as well.


More like ‘I Do Sit-Ups’ King.

Who can forget those adorable pocket raptors, they’d just nip at me legs until I  almost bled to death. Plated behemoths were also a thing, I couldn’t exactly tell if  they were reptilian though, they appeared like armoured boars. This iteration of  the beta lacked the wyverns, which was the one thing I was looking forward to, but  maybe next time. The mushroom people were very strange as well, I’d never seen  anything like them in a game before, minus goombas of course; there were several varieties with different abilities.

Though the exalted were mentioned in the masteries section, they were not present in the beta, I also know that the were  nuhoch there, but I didn’t get too see any. I still stand by my opinion that the itzel are too big, it just doesn’t feel right, them being based on tiny tree frogs and all. The zintle fanatics were also there, but they weren’t enemies, they were instead helping the itzel. I’m sure they’re trying to convert as many as they can to the sun god as they do this, as they had a camp set up on a cliff with itzel working for them.


Temple of Ameyalli or something.

Well, that’s it for my opinionated view of the beta. For the meanwhile, I’ll be making a video, which will go much more in-depth on certain details and be much more neutral and fact based.


  1. Plated Behemoths are actually already in game, they’re in Blazeridge Steppes (where there’s like 5 of them total) and in Fireheart Rise (where the wiki says they are, I don’t recall). There were wyverns in the beta, most of the time soaring high in the sky, but from what I’ve heard you did get to fight one at the end of the Itzel event chain. I’ve also seen Stoneheads – the “dinosaurs” from the Dragonhunter video.

    As for the gliding I suppose it was a bug but the glider was deploying when you jumped (which might have depended on what sort of terrain you were jumping on), so if you jumped off a cliff instead of just running the glider deployed immediately.

    • Thanks, I had noticed most of the things were I said were partially incorrect after watching a few videos. All will be corrected when I get mine out. It’s just that there were too many things going on for the short time we were allowed, so I missed out on at least half the stuff.


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