The Story of Annon: Overworked Part 3


Part 3: The Highs and Lows of Family

( Also, pictures this time!)

Annon in her official business attire.

Annon in her official business attire.

 The air was muggy as Annon stepped into the tent, which turned out to be much more pleasant than the dry heat already forming outside. Crates and sacks labeled things like ‘Replacement Parts’, ‘Camping Supplies’ and ‘Meltak’s Personal Things: STAY OUT’, were stacked into their respective sections. At the back of this palace in the wastes sat Meltak; her family, mentor, krewe leader and a constant thorn in her side. He was filling out papers, likely work orders to be sent to the different subsections of the krewe spread throughout Tyria.

 It annoyed her knowing she had to work under him. Annon thought of him as arrogant, too full of ideas and little action, leaving her to do all the work, but so is the life of a pupil. She still loved him, but his constant barraging of inane concepts and making her handle the krewe, instead of himself, had worn thin rather quickly.

He noticed her presence, “Ah, Annon, come quick!” She groaned to herself, mental anguish already taking hold. As she dragged her way over, her uncle had already jumped out of his chair and started searching through a box, tossing objects as he did. “Aha!”, he got stood up and spun around, “What do you think of the changes to the KMRA?” She stared at it, the Krewe Member Replacement Apparatus was a small golem made to take pictures and record videos, lowering the number of krewe members needed for the ANN, hence the name. There wasn’t much to them, other than a basic command function and memory storage device; there were several dozen of them across Tyria, requiring almost no maintenance due to their simplistic structure. There was nothing special about this one.

“Wow, you painted it.”, Annon tried to sound as unenthusiastic as possible. The KMRAs are shaped like 8-sided diamonds, similar to that of the krewe symbol, which Meltak had now coloured this particular golem to resemble. “I know, now people will be able to tell that they belong to us.”, he said excitedly. Annon retorted, “We’re the only group using this golem design, there was no additional need to paint it.” He seemed unfazed, ignoring her glare. “If you only gaze at the larger picture, you will miss out on the things that make it work. Every cog in the Eternal Alchemy has a purpose and function as a whole to keep it turning.”, he said in a cryptic manner. Her uncle was right, she hated it when he was right. Still, it seemed like a waste of time for such a tiny detail no one would notice.

“I do hope that wasn’t the only reason I’m here.”, she said. He frowned and paused for a moment, thinking what to say next and he set the golem off to the side. “Annon,” he stopped, still wording things in his head and kept going, “I need you to work at our subsect in Rata Sum.” It took a second to get the gears turning to understand what he meant by that. She started yelling, “What do you mean you’re sending me away?! I’m the only sane person here that keeps thing in working order! What cause do you have to remove me from the field?”, she was fuming. ‘How dare he even consider the notion. They needed me, without me the krewe would be less efficient.’, she thought to herself dozens of thoughts running through her mind. He couldn’t look at her, he just stared at the ground kicking at dirt, “We’re getting to close to mordrem territory, I cannot risk putting you in harms way.”


A doodle Annon made of a KMRA golem, more easily spoken as a /cam-ra/. All written in asuran script.

Meltak sighed, covering his mouth with one of his hands, “I will not lose someone I care about, not again. My progenitors were both working at Thaumanova when the explosion happened, I’ve told you this story, yes?” She responded, “You have.” “I have lost all hope of ever discovering what happened to them. Are they dead? Could they be alive somewhere and if they are, are they at least together? I will never have these answers. Vrii, my half-sister and your mother is somewhere out there,” he pointed west, further into the wastes, “doing some sort of dangerous mission for the Order of Whispers.”

Meltak wasn’t even near Metrica when the accident happened, he was assisting the Vigil in construction when the reactor went up in smoke, he didn’t even find out his forebears were gone until weeks later. He swore from that day to find out what happened and created the Asura News Network as a means to that end. That’s when Annon started studying under him, it was her opportunity to get away from Rata Sum and explore the world. She was stunned, Annon had never thought how her uncle felt about her always coming with him to dangerous regions of the world.

They stood there in silence for a short time, all that could be heard was the canvas of the tent flapping in the wind. Finally, Annon whispered under her breath, “I can take care of myself.” “No Annon, you can’t, you can barely form a shield using your magic.”, her uncle quickly exclaimed. “But I have Menace”, she started, but Meltak didn’t let her finish, “Your golem is heavily experimental and can barely hold together doing menial tasks, how to expect it to stay in one piece during combat?” She didn’t have an answer. “Now, go pack you things, I’ll send someone to escort you back to Rata Sum later.” She didn’t know what else she could say; she was tired, angry, upset and a whole cluster of other conflicting emotions. She conceded, “Fine.” and walked away.

She was somber when she stepped out of the tent, her golem activated with her presence. Menace was about to ask her how the talk went, but she held up her hand and it realized it was in its best interest to remain silent. The two walked back towards the cliff where her things were. She was a thundercloud, dark, angry and could go off at any moment; everyone in the camp saw this and kept their distance.

It took some time to walk up the steep incline, she didn’t want Menace’s assistance, she wanted to blow off as much steam as she could. Eventually, Annon reached her tent, right around the time the sun was turning the ground around her blazing hot. She decided to rest inside her workspace for a short time and cool off, before she and Menace had to pack her things away. The paper she had left on the desk the night before was still there, still blank. Annon picked up a feathered pen and started writing on it. So is the dilemma of an overworked progeny.

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