Guild Wars Players News #25: Tybalt is Aight


We talk a bit about this week’s closed beta tests, what necromancer PvP is like, WvW, and Cithryth’s asura mesmer.

Game News

Guild Wars Players News

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth –
    • PvP – Saira, Ethelros, Drac, Mel, Nav; necro, mesmer and ranger; WvW Edge of the Mists with Ranger (Rank 14, hit lvl 70)
    • PvE – Word Completion progress on Creepomancer 62%; PS on necrokitty; Still chipping away at Twilight progress
  • Draculetta -Ele to 59, Necro PVP (First Time) With Ethelros, Cithryth, Changed Carpathian Mist Guild Logo – Skull W Fangs Black And Red.
  • Ethelros – PvPed on Necro; Level 60 , 37% World Completion

GW2 Academy

“How would I find out where jumping puzzles are? Are they on a daily timer? I’ve seen one for sure and somehow someone opened a portal directly to the treasure box.”

“Where can I find GW2 lore in-game? Hearts don’t do a great job of explaining what’s going on. Like, who are these Toxic Alliance people and what do they want?”



KingsDecree wrote:

“Good podcast structure, good host, good personalities. Reminds me a lot of the Low Elo podcast for League of Legends.”

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  1. I feel like you didn’t even read my articles Cithryth, you got several things wrong that I’ll have to correct you on at a later date. I’m deeply and truly hurt. XD

    • I promise I read them! I just was expecting you to come on to explain your thoughts more so I didn’t have a synopsis ready. But you can come on this week and set the records straight 🙂

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