Looking At The Gem Store This Week

Daydreamer’s Wings 500 gems

Complete your Daydreamer’s set with this back item skin! The Daydreamer’s Wings back skin will take your fashion to new heights.


Drac Says – Not a big “wing” person my self but to each there own I guess. meh_red-Custom1

Honor Guard Finisher 700 gems

You’ve just finished having an epic battle with a worthy foe! Show them the respect they deserve with the Honor Guard Finisher!



Video Thanks to dulfy.net

Drac Says – Yes! Who would not want a giant sword to stab there downed enemy? Thumbs_Up-Custom


Mini Beetle 500 gems

This miniature is both tough and cute. If you buy it today it will also be a loyal companion that will follow you wherever you go!


Drac Says – um.. What? Thumbs_Down-Custom2


Gem Store Spring Cleaning

With the approach of summer and our pending return to Lion’s Arch, it’s time to clean house a bit and put a few things into storage. The Wintersday weapon set will be removed from vendors in one week, and the following items will no longer be regularly available in the Gem Store until next fall.

  • Krytan Armor Skins
  • Profane Armor Skins
  • Primeval Armor Skins
  • Zodiac Armor Skins
  • Quaggan Warrior Backpack
  • Wintersday Earmuffs
  • Fuzzy Bear Hat
  • Fuzzy Leopard Hat
  • Glowing Crimson Mask Skin
  • Mask of the Crown Skin
  • Sailor’s Beanie
  • Top Hat
  • Reading Glasses
  • Frost Wasp Logging Tool
  • Tireless Logging Minion
  • Tireless Harvesting Minion
  • Bone Pick
  • Fused Molten Logging Axe
  • Molten Alliance Mining Pick
  • Fused Molten Sickle

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  1. If you combined the Daydreamer’s Wings with the Daydreamer’s weapons and green/gold dyed Sylvari Cultural or Twilight Arbor armor would look nice. The wings also have movement(butterfly like), unlike the black wings.


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