Revenant – Ventari and Lore

This week’s big reveal in the steady march towards Heart of Thorns is the next legend in the revenant profession’s line up: Ventari. If you play a sylvari character, you probably already feel quite acquainted with Ventari’s ideals. He was a pacifist centaur who put down on a tablet some tenets of life like “The blossom is brother to the weed”, “Where life goes so too should you”, and “Act with wisdom, but act” among others. It makes sense then that the revenant is able to commune with Ventari to harness some healing and support abilities. In the blog post reveal, we also learn that revenants will be using a staff as a melee weapon!


Staff as Melee

  • “Mix of martial and magical styles to support your allies”
  • Rejuvenating Assault (skill) – Cleave foes around you with your staff, creating healing orbs for you and your allies
    • 3rd part of the auto-attack chain
    • encourages strafing
  • Surge of the Mists – charge forward, knocking back enemies that cross your path
    • “Ventari approved way to separate enemies from your injured allies”


Ventari’s Tablet

  • When you switch to the Ventari legend, you start with just one skill – summoning Ventari’s Tablet
    • Once summoned, your skill bar fills with tablet-manipulation skills
  • Ventari’s Will – Will the tablet toward the target location. As the tablet moves, it will heal allies it passes through
  • Protective Solace – Summon a protective barrier around the tablet that destroys enemy projectiles
  • Energy Expulsion – Force energy to erupt from the tablet, knocking back foes and leaving behind energy fragments that heal allies

On top of the information about how the Ventari legend gameplay will work, we also got a post from Anatoli Ingram with some more lore information about revenants so that those inclined to roleplaying and crafting stories about their characters can start thinking about what their revenant will be like.

  • By the start of Heart of Thorns, Rytlock will have brought the knowledge of how to obtain the power to commune with the Mists to Tyria, making it ‘somewhat common knowledge’
  • Revenants don’t have to be dead or travel to the Mists or anything to become a revenant – “All that’s necessary is the knowledge of the profession, the faith and will to reach into the Mists, and an open mind.”
  • They walk a line of moral ambiguity – they can commune with decidedly ‘good’ legends like Ventari but also tap into more evil ones like Mallyx
  • Revenants are not necessarily blind, the blindfold is simply a tool used by many to help them commune
  • “Nearly the opposite of the engineer profession”
  • The legends aren’t just static echoes – they are fully sentient with opinions and personalities
    • Can sometimes get dialogue in and out of combat with the Legends you switch to and your character sometimes responds in their own race-appropriate way

And as always, tomorrow will bring a livestream featuring revenant gameplay, specifically using the Ventari legend.

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