Guild Wars Players News #26: Ventari

Mel is our special guest this week, on to tell us first hand about his closed beta experience! We also discuss the newly revealed revenant lore and legend, Ventari. Cithryth continues to make joke character names.

Game News

Guild Wars Players News

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Ranger to 80; Still slowly chipping away at Twilight; Heaps of Stronghold; Hit 500 total PvP games played (what am I doing with my life); Made a charr engineer
  • Draculetta – Ele to 59, Ranger pvp 1 match, got jerks.. logged out
  • Ethelros – Necro to level 69, 44% World Completion; PvPed Strongholds w/Cithryth and Saira
  • Mel – Mostly spent time standing around, because I still needed to edit; I bought the new Daydreamer’s Wings for my necro and worked out getting new armour to complement her, fow when she becomes a reaper.

GW2 Academy

“So if I want to do a crazy thing – craft Ascended armor and legendary weapon for my guardian – where do I start? Is there a list of types of armor with stats and items needed for crafting?”

Ascended armor –

Legendaries –


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Featured Comments

Xerokitsune Left a comment on Looking At The Gem Store This Week:

If you combined the Daydreamer’s Wings with the Daydreamer’s weapons and green/gold dyed Sylvari Cultural or Twilight Arbor armor would look nice. The wings also have movement(butterfly like), unlike the black wings.

Email From Partical Shift:

Greetings Fine Podcasters,

Did you want a nice screenshot of your character dancing or sitting but suddenly your weapons and backpack vanish? Wouldn’t it be neat to dance and not put your fancy gear down? You can!

First start the emote, your gear will be hidden. Bring up the hero panel next, for your back piece to hide then show it. This will restore your characters back piece.

For weapons, it depends on if you want to hold them or have them at your side. To have them in your hand, press the swap weapon sets(the double arrows between your weapons) in the hero panel.(Not available for ele, engie, or rev) If it doesn’t work, do an attack then repeat.

To have your weapons at your sides, un-equip them and then re-equip them in the hero panel.

Have fun with your new poses.

A word of warning, this can lead to some hilarious clipping errors.


Partical Shift

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