New Lion’s Arch & Core Specializations – Coming Soon!

After just a few short weeks of hard work in Lion’s Arch, the newly rebuilt city is nearly ready to be revealed to us! Today the GW2 made a new blog post announcing that the next update will include the new Lion’s Arch! The new design is “fortified against attacks while still providing a warm and welcoming cultural center for the city’s diverse residents.” If you remember, they also hosted a poll to see what they should rename certain landmarks in the city. The results are in and here they are:

  • Canal Ward → Commodore’s Quarter
  • Lighthouse → Phoenix Roost
  • Lion’s Court → Lion’s Court
  • Air Base → Lion’s Arch Aerodrome
  • Memorial → Field of the Fallen

On top of that very exciting news is some even more exciting news: in the next update we will also be getting our trait update in which our traits turn into ‘core specializations’ and we get the new trait system. This doesn’t mean we are getting the elite specializations! But the trait updates are exciting on their own.

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