Conditions – Stacking, Changing, Scaling

Yet another addition to the growing list of changes coming in the next update is some tweaks to the current way conditions work. Currently, an enemy can only have 25 of a certain type of condition applied to them before the limit is met. This stack limit will be disappearing along with quite a few other changes:

Intensity Conditions

Intensity conditions are those that become more damaging every time they are applied to a foe. This includes bleeding, confusion, torment, and vulnerability.

  • Burning and poison will become intensity conditions.
  • Stack maximum of 25 is going away and replaced with a higher maximum:

Let’s just say it’s large enough that you should never notice while you’re playing, even during world boss fights.

  • Confusion
    • No longer will do as much damage when the foe tries to attack, but will also now add a damage over time effect.
  • Vulnerability
    • Will still have a 25 stack limit since it doesn’t directly damage the foe.

Duration Conditions

This type of condition adds onto the duration the foe is under the effect of the condition as you apply more of them to the foe. Includes Weakness, blind, chill, crippled, fear, and immobilization.

  • Movement skills + conditions
    • Movement speed (whether increased by a buff or decreased by a condition) will not impact the distance traveled by your character.

Conditions are “Too Effective”

ArenaNet feels that currently the damage conditions do doesn’t scale appropriately with the amount of points invested into a character’s condition damage. So they are tweaking the scaling of condi damage in a few ways:

  • Base damage for conditions will be lowered.
  • At higher levels of condition damage, you will do even more damage than you currently do.

This means at lower levels of condition damage, you can expect to do less damage than you currently do, while at higher values, you’ll do even more damage than you are currently able to… the break-even point before you start doing more damage is around 700.

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