Currency – The Wallet, Skill Points, Spirit Shards, and More!


In addition to the revamped Lion’s Arch and re-worked trait system, the next update we will be getting is going to include some changes and additions to our currencies. First up, some updates to the Wallet, which stores all of our currencies:

  • System Changes
    • No longer accessed from the Hero panel, only accessed from the Inventory panel
      • Clicking the Wallet button in your inventory will toggle your inventory panel to ‘Wallet View’
    • More compact than the grid view previously seen in the Hero panel
    • Will include filter options
    • Clicking on a specific currency will open relevant windows to the currency
      • Clicking on Gems will open the Gem Store
      • Dungeon tokens will show on the map where the dungeon entrance is
      • Gold will open the currency exchange
    • The bottom of your inventory will always show your gold/silver/copper, but the second currency will change depending on where you are
      • in WvW it will show Badges of Honor
      • in Fractals of the Mists it will show your Fractal Relics

On top of these changes to the way the wallet works, we’re also getting some items added to the wallet currencies. Get ready for your bank to have quite a bit more space!

  • Pristine Fractal Relics
  • WvW Tournament Claim Tickets
  • Geodes
  • Bandit Crests

Since we’re getting the revamp to the traits system and skill points, ArenaNet has added a new type of currency, the Spirit Shard. Since currently skill points serve two purposes – unlocking skills/traits and buying items to use with the Mystic Forge – these two different purposes will get two different currencies to work with. As discussed in the core specialization reveal, traits and skills will be unlocked using Hero Points. But here’s some more info on how these new Spirit Shards will work:

  • Repeatable sources of skill points will instead give Spirit Shards (so, Scrolls of Knowledge)
  • Limited sources of skill points (landscape Skill Challenges) will provide Hero Points
  • All Scrolls of Knowledge will turn into Spirit Shards once the update hits
  • Leveling Up
    • If you are under level 80, Tomes of Knowledge will level you up one level
    • If you are level 80, Tomes of Knowledge will give you a Spirit Shard
  • Spirit Shards can be looted from mobs if you are level 80
  • Writs of Experience (the small amount of XP tomes) are only usable under level 80, but you can trade 20 of them to Miyani at the Mystic Forge for a Tome of Knowledge

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