Next Update Coming June 23

Today after the Ready Up livestream in which the GW2 team gave us heaps of information and details about the condition changes and profession trait/skill changes, the official Guild Wars 2 twitter gave us a release date for this big update, June 23! You’ve got a week to plan out what you want to do with your extra scrolls of knowledge and plan your Lion’s Arch unveiling parties! Just as a reminder, here’s all the stuff you can expect to get updated next week:

If you want to see notes and screen captures from the big Ready Up live stream today, I recommend checking out Dulfy’s big summarization post. She always does a great job getting all the relevant info from these livestreams (that I always miss because yaaay timezones!). As of now she’s still going through the stream and adding to the notes, so don’t panic if your profession isn’t up there yet.

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