June 23 Update Info Mega-post

A lot (like seriously, a LOT) of info has come out the past day about what exactly is going to be in the update next week. Rather than make posts for each thing, I’ve decided to compile things into this handy mega-post for easy finding. I’ll add links as I find them!

Yesterday’s announcement that the update will be coming June 23

Josh Davis posted the text descriptions of all profession skills and traits (Super long, I recommend CTRL + F to find your profession[s])

Dragon Season, a fellow fansite, got a preview of the patchnotes. The first quarter of the page goes over:

  • ‘Build Tab’ (replaces skills and traits)
  • Training Tab
  • Core Skills
  • Core Specializations
  • Hero Points and Spirit Shards
  • Level reward changes
  • Level scaling changes
  • Attribute point changes
  • Condition updates
  • Wallet Updates
  • Profession skills/traits as they will be in the update

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