E3 First Look at Guild Halls

Besides launching the pre-purchase sales, today at E3’s PC Gaming panel Colin Johanson also showcased the above Guild Halls promo trailer. It’s got some beautiful footage and teaser phrases about the upcoming Guild Halls. He also explained a bit more about the images shown:

  • Guild Halls are basically a map that your guild owns
  • You must claim it from Mordrem minions in the Maguuma Jungle
  • Will have the ability to add certain types of facilities and buildings
  • Combat sandbox arena
    • Decorations, traps, and more can be changed in-combat
    • Variety of different fight sizes, you can even invite another guild in to fight against
  • Crafting stations
    • Introduction of “guild-specific crafting profession” that lets you craft things for your guild
  • Guild missions, races, etc
  • WvW and PvP
    • Can make things to help in WvW, including calling in airships to help keeps
    • Can create guild teams to compete in PvP leaderboards

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