Mel’s Opinion on HoT Pricing

[Please note: This is my personal opinion, I use facts to back up my views, but others can take these facts and come to their own conclusion. So as I said, my opinion on it.]


I’ve read several posts about people’s differing views and having time to think, I wanted to toss in my two cents. For the sake of making my point, I’m only going to talk about the base expansion package. Normally, I wouldn’t think much about a $50 expansion for an MMO, it seems about right to me, but ANet also tossed several factors into play (or left them out).

You don’t have to own Guild Wars 2 to get the expansion, you get it for free along with it. As a player that pre-purchased the whole game, this is like a slap in the face. Every other game I know of requires you to own the game to use the dlc, but that’s not really my problem, my problem is that there is not discount to veteran players that already own the game. I’ve put hundreds of dollars into this game already, because there’s no sub-fee and this is how I get repaid, buy paying the whole price of the game for new players? There needs the at least a slight price reduction for people that own the game, this is dumb ANet, stop taking advantage of your faithful community like bad companies do.[Side note: They’ve completely removed the regular GW2 game from the shop, so any rewards that came with that are now gone as well and it is unknown if they will bring them back at some point. I don’t remember what the extras were, just though it was worth including.]

While this is good for new players because they get both GW2 and HoT, people that already own GW2 are paying more than they should be because they get nothing extra out of it. Either reduce the price by 10 or so dollars and/or give us an extra character slot. We cared about this game enough to buy it, stick with it for years and want to buy the expansion(s), don’t con us.

Another point is that we have no clue how big the expansion will be, ArenaNet has continued to keep us in the dark. My friend is avidly hooked on Final Fantasy XIV, like myself with Guild Wars, and their expansion is about to come out. Their expansion will cost $40 and while it is a subscription based game, they know exactly what they’re paying for. They’re going to have a new race and three new classes, they know exactly where the story is headed and they know there will be several new maps. While we don’t need all of these thing for GW2, ANet is throwing a larger price tag in our faces and the only thing we know 100% about HoT is that we get the revenant, our character is once again voice acted and that guild halls will be super awesome. We still have no idea how many maps there will be (though they stated they wanted to keep it small with a lot of content, which sounds like bs to me) and we don’t know how long the story is. There needs to be more openness, it’s almost always a con job when major details are left out, until it’s already too late and I’m hoping ANet doesn’t stoop that low.

I’d also like to add that while ArenaNet makes it seem the new desert maps for WvW and Stronghold for PvP come with the expansion, they have also clearly stated they will release along side it and are not a part of it. So, it’s not like we’re paying for those either. There are several things they’ve announced that will be available whether you buy the expansion or not, but the way they go about presenting them makes less informed people think they must own the expansion to participate in that content, which is deceitful. Also, I’m not pre-ordering, even with ‘future beta content’ waved in my face if I do; I hope to still get in with the portal I got from the last event, but I won’t lose any sleep if I doesn’t count anymore.

Alright, that was my little rant. Getting all of that out of my system sure helped. Back to being neutral until next weeks update, where I’ll be frustrated about all the nerfs coming to my favorite classes because ANet can’t balance things things without ruining it for people.



  1. Teslas Ghost /

    I really have to question, what the thought process was for this nthise were some meetings I’d love to have been in. Makes you wonder I they were aware of the crap storm this was going to be.

  2. I’m not certain that ArenaNet knows how large the expansion. I say this because the next season of the living story will likely be branching off of Heart of Thorns.
    During season one and season two we were given many new maps, mini games, and pvp maps. It’s likely that most if not all of season 3 of the living story will be inaccessible to players without a Heart of Thorns client.

    The reason I doubt even ArenaNet knows is they listen to the community to shape the direction the game goes. Heck originally it looked like Southsun and possibility of the sea dragon was the direction we were heading. Having the Consortium as possible heavy multi-front nebulous antagonist(s). Community had amazing levels of unexpected hate(mostly from the early days lag and glitches) that Southsun story was quickly ended and dumped for the most part.

    With the exception of the major changes to Final Fantasy XIV to fix the broken state of the first version, I doubt they will make huge changes to the game outside of expansions. They will have holiday events, but for the most part the rest of their world is static. This method makes is significantly easier to roll out large completely charted and known content as an expansion.

    As to your portal, I think it was a one off. If your like me a few patches ago your beta slot disappear. As soon as I registered my Heart of Thorns code it put the beta slot back(beta character removed as expected).

  3. ArenaNet is really causing a rumble in the Bronx when it comes to long-term fans with this pricing schedule. From where I sit, it’s obviously designed to make sure that new players essentially purchase the game as-is and get jumped straight up to where everyone else essentially is — without the problem of collapsing DLC together just to be in the same boat as veteran players.

    But, to give new players a boost, Anet is obviously snubbing the veteran players. It strikes me that the best solution would in fact be a small discount for people who already have the core game as a concession.

    As for the price itself, it makes sense that the expansion is essentially a box price again (although $50 and not the $60 we’ve gotten used to.) GW2 has been around for almost three years and it’s a buy-to-play game with no subscription, so I find it very hard to snap at Anet for needing a new box price tag to keep the game going.

    What really rankles, unfortunately, is the lack of information about what this expansion will even give to those veterans willing to pay the full price up front. In fact, Heart of Thorns has been shrouded in so much fog of war that it makes it hard to believe that there is in fact enough content to justify a $50 tag — this is especially true for veterans because new players will be in the expansion from the get-go, but people with the core game will be left behind new players if they don’t buy in at full price.

  4. To me, this is a matter of value for what you’re buying. I bought GW2 for $40-something (on sale from $60) back in 2012. I’ve since spent some amount of money on gems for bank expansions & character slots. Now, the $50 base expansion gives me HoT. That’s it.

    What does $50 buy a new player? The base game (and all that includes like 5 character slots) & HoT. They get more than twice I get in terms of game content and I would pay amost twice the price (GW2+HoT) they do. So, if I never bought GW2 back in the day and didn’t support it through buying gems, I’d get waaaaaaay more out of my $ now.

    I’m pretty sure the message they’re sending is not the one they wanted to send.

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