Mini Rock and Revenant Mail Carrier in the Gem Store!

Mini Rock 350 gems.

The Mini Rock is the perfect pet! This rock doesn’t need to be fed, walked, bathed, or groomed, and it can’t become sick! Rocks also enjoy a rather long life span, so the two of you will never have to part!


Drac Says – Um Why? If you have 350 gems to blow, just send them to me instead… 🙂  Thumbs_Down-Custom2


Revenant Mail Carrier 350 gems

We aren’t quite sure how, but this mail carrier appears to pull your mail into the Mists and pop it out conveniently in the hands of your recipient! You won’t believe your eyes with the Revenant Mail Carrier!


Drac Says – Not the coolest mail carrier, we have seen, but it’s better than some of them *Cough Quaggan* meh_red-Custom1

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