The Story of Annon: Overworked Part 4


Part 4: Misdirection

(I decided to mix this chapter up a bit and provide the view of events taking place from other characters. I may do this on and off. Also, no pictures this time, I’m too lazy and just writing is easier.)

Two charr worked their way up the inclination where Annon was camped. The first, a slender female with sandy colour fur and light garb spoke to the other, “Why do we have to escort the girl back to Metrica, why not the norn?” “Because”, the older male with dark fur and a broken horn replied, “that blasted Stormakt can carry more equipment than us. Still, I detest being removed from the action to babysit.” The disgruntled charr continued quietly for the rest of their trek.

They eventually reached the peak to find the progeny finishing her packing, holstering the last of her baggage to the back of her golem. “Supervisor, are you almost ready?”, the male yelled out from a distance, continuing to walk towards her. Annon didn’t respond, she just kept tightening the ropes, resentment on her face. He imagined how dreadful the next couple weeks would be, dragging her screaming all the way, it gave him a headache just thinking about it. The charr stopped several feet away from her, choosing to give Annon time to finish, instead of having her chew them out.

The sun was already starting to descend lower into the sky by the time she checked, double-checked and triple-checked that everything was in place and that Menace was functioning properly. She walked up to the charr, whom were currently sitting the other way and covering themselves in an attempt to stave the heat. “Done!”, she yelled. The female charr jumped, as she had not heard Annon slink in behind her.

“You burning brat, what’s your problem?!”, the female charr shouted down to the asura. The male charr responded first, “Calm yourself Arista, our current orders may be from higher up, but I’d prefer not to be reassigned to lesser duties once we get the Supervisor home.” Annon smirked, “That’s right, wouldn’t want to make me mad and be transferred to, let’s say Southsun?” The charr wanted to scream, rip off the runt’s ears, anything, but could only stand there with fury in her eyes. “Let’s get this over with.”, the asura said, back to her somber state.

It was the 5th night on their mission to bring the asura home, things had been going smoothly, but it would still be a several more days before they got there. Arista was curled up by the fire, already asleep and Annon was working on her golem. “What was your name?” “Excuse me?”, the charr asked. “I said, ‘What was your name?'” “We’ve had this talk before, I shall not indulge you again.” Persistent, Annon responded, “Listen, I may be crazy smart, but I have trouble with names. Just tell me.” “Fine, it’s Marx, Marx Sharpsteel.”, the old charr stated, continuing his sentry. “Thank you Mr.Sharp, for reminding me.”

He grunted, he felt something was off, she hadn’t made conversation for days, but he let the feeling pass. After a few minutes of silence she asked, “I can see you’re getting tired, why don’t you get some rest? I’ll be up working on Menace anyways.” ‘Aha, so that’s her game’, he thought. “Then what is to stop you from running off? You cannot trick me little girl.” She responded saliently, “Where am I to go? There is savanna in every direction and the only way for me to get supplies is from the Zephyrites a day back, so you know I’d have to go there.” Marx mulled over this for a while, he knew she was up to something, but he also knew she wouldn’t be able to get far without supplies. “Fine, but I’m taking this to ensure you won’t run off.”, he snatched one of Menace’s clamps and curled up around it. “Alright with me, have a nice nap.” The charr dozed off after a few minutes.

Marx awoke the next morning to shouting and a very colourful strings of curse words. He sat up, “What are you yelling about?” “The slagging girl is gone, I’ll kill her!”, Arista continued to curse and kick things over. “What?! She had nowhere to go, I had her…”, he looked down to see the arm piece gone and a note in his hand. The female charr stopped raging long enough to walk behind Marx, “What’s it say, I can’t read it.” “It’s asuran”, he replied, “I have some basic understanding of it, let’s see.”

Dear Bookahs,

Thank you Mr.Charr for taking that nap, I had noticed at the main camp that you slept rather heavily and it was quite easy to slip out whatever you took with this note. [If you caught me during this process, then you may ignore everything past this point.] I will not be returning with you to Rata Sum, I wish you luck in explaining all of this to my uncle. I have been prepared since before we left and am in fact writing this as you walk up the hillside to take me. Have fun figuring out what to do now.



“I’m going to rip her ears off.”, Arista muttered, “What are we going to do now?” Marx stood up, folded the parchment and stuffed it in his pouch. “We track her down, cub, she couldn’t have gone far, even with a head start of several hours. Her golem will need constant maintenance and she’ll need supplies. Even if she snuck supplies while with the Zephyrites the other day, they may still know where she went, so that is where we go. She will be slow with that golem, which should give us ample time to track her.”

“Your call sir.”, the female charr said, “What do we do when we find her?” “We toss her in a sack for the rest of the trip and get a drink.” She replied, “Good, just what I was hoping for.” They packed their gear and began to backtrack, searching for any trace of the devious asura. Now begins the hunt for an overworked progeny.

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