Guild Halls – Pillars of the Community

This week, ArenaNet has started trickling in a bit more information about Guild Halls. Their first blog post about them details the ‘six pillars’ of Guild Halls, the main goals they hope to achieve through these Halls:

  1. Emphasize Community and Fellowship: Guilds are about bringing players together to forge friendships and communities through shared experiences. Guild halls should help those communities develop and encourage members to play together to strengthen their relationships.
  2. A Place to Call Your Own: Your guild hall is a personal space for your guild. You control who can enter your guild’s map, and it’s a place you can retreat to with your close friends when you want to get away from the crowds of the open world.
  3. Build a Shared History: As your guild grows and changes, so too does your guild hall. Over time, your guild’s efforts to build up the area will make visible, lasting differences and become a testament to your guild’s growth.
  4. Bring Guilds into the World: While some guilds are already important to the lore and history of Tyria, with Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, we want to make your guilds important to Tyria. The guild halls of Guild Wars 2 exist alongside the public maps in the Heart of Maguuma region, and each has its own history to unearth.
  5. Activate Player Creativity: Beyond a fun place to gather and socialize, we want guild halls to be spaces where you can create content for each other. These maps are huge by design, giving you plenty of space to amuse and entertain. Over time, you’ll gain access to more tools to support that.
  6. New Ways to Play Together: Guild halls are a living system, and not just a place to unlock some vendors. To that end, we’re working to add new content for guilds to bridge the gap between the hall and the open world. From overhauls of WvW guild claiming and guild missions to a new multiplayer combat sandbox and guild-focused crafting discipline, there’s going to be a lot to do.

The post goes on to say that we will have two guild halls available to take in Heart of Thorns – the Lost Precipice and the Gilded Hollow. The next blog post released gives some in-game lore justification and explanation for the sudden push towards guild halls. A new organization called the Guild Initiative is seeking to harness the success of past guilds like Destiny’s Edge to continue to fight the elder dragons. They will be setting up shop in Lion’s Arch and registering guilds to their cause, giving the guilds access to a variety of services in their headquarters, almost like a mini-guild hall. Once you build trust and supplies with the Initiative, you can go out and find the ruins in the Maguuma Jungle to take hold of and use as a post to launch assaults against the Mordrem.


Building up your guild hall is the subject of the third blog post:


  • Tavern – Associated with socialization and effects, unlocks the ability to make a guild anthem.
  • Mine – Source of aetherium.
  • Workshop – Training in the new guild-specific crafting profession called scribing.
  • War Room – WvW, unlock scribing recipes to use in the guild claiming system.
  • Market – Financy and mercantilism, unlock a new tier of guild weapons and armor.
  • Arena – Combat sandbox and PvP.

How to Upgrade

  • Three upgrade-specific items or resources, donated to your guild’s treasury
  • Favor – earned by running guild missions
    • Missions no longer need to be unlocked
    • Measures the Guild Initiative’s trust in your guild
  • Aetherium, a resource mined from within the guild hall itself and can be mined automatically over time


And the final blog post released details how the creation of guild halls will be changing how guilds are structured and how the current upgrade system in guilds will change.

Some current upgrades will be going away…

  • Guild mission upgrades
  • Build queue improvements
  • Remote crafting station consumables
  • Guild emblem upgrade
    • emblems will be freely available to all guilds to customize once the expansion launches
  • Guild boosts
    • being replaces with permanent unlocks
    • WXP and magic find boosts will be replaced by new ‘guild-effects slot’ that functions like food and utility effects, purchasable from a vendor in your tavern

Some upgrades will stay the same…

  • Guild banners, Guild vault, etc
  • If your guild had obtained the necessary research level and prerequisites to have consumables like banners or vault transport unlocked under the current system, you will have them unlocked to craft in the new system.
  • If your guild researched all 24 research levels, your guild will get an exclusive guild hall decoration



  • Too large and nebulous in it’s current uses so it will be broken into three parts
  • Favor – incentivizes guild missions
  • Aetherium – establishes a baseline rate at wich guilds can progress
  • Resonance – speeds up the assembling of guild items, rewards small group play with fellow guild members
  • Will be able to spend accumulated influence from the current system
    • Limited amount of daily influence for favor
    • Small daily boost to aetherium production
    • Conversion of influence to resonance

Being a part of multiple guilds

  • No more incentive to rep a guild 100% of the time
  • Guild chat channels for each of the five guilds you can be a part of (/g1, /g2, /g3. /g4, /g5), allowing you to socialize with all your guilds when you want


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