Change to Ascended Gear on June 23

Originally we posted about how ArenaNet’s plan was to increase the attribute quality of ascended armor and weapons so that it was 10% higher than exotic armor and weapons however they have now changed plans. Instead, ascended gear will remain 5% higher than exotic gear attributes. Additionally there will be a system put in place allowing players to change the attributes of their ascended armor and weapons. This information was posted by Colin Johanson to the official forums:

Just want to clarify since I saw this come up a couple of times in this thread and we haven’t actually released our full official patch notes for 6/23 yet….

Ascended Gear will be staying 5% better than Exotic Gear. Gear beyond the tiers we already have are not going to be added and our existing tiers won’t change, they won’t be our main end-game form of progression for your characters/account for all the reasons we’ve covered before – it isn’t what we think Gw2 is about.

Masteries is being added to PvE to help provide this system as our form of progression for PvE moving forward, and the WvW ability system exists for WvW and will be what we use to expand WvW in the future.

To more directly answer some of your point….We are adding a system that lets you change the stats for your ascended gear (weapons and armor) next Tuesday – which will cost a combination of 10 spirit shards, piece you don’t want anymore, 5 ectos, and an exotic insignia of the stats you want to convert to. Legendary Gear will remain the gear that can freely change stats any time.


Many were worried that the change from 5% to 10% would make ascended hear a more ‘required’ grind than it is now, so this news probably comes as great relief.


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  1. Actually to me It is a turn off. The 10% increase i felt was a better reward for the grind of getting ascended armour in the first place.

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