Introduction to Combo Fields

Over at the immensely helpful Guild Wars 2 Intro 101 tumblr, a new introductory guide has gone up with the basics of combo fields. Combo fields are a tricky thing – I know it took me ages after I started playing to figure them out and it took some extra explanation from veteran players before it clicked.

From the intro guide:

Have you ever seen a light brown heart with a word or phrase flash randomly on your screen and didn’t know what it was? You contributed to a COMBO with an ally and you didn’t even know it!

You know those necklaces or bracelets in real life that people can get where one person has half of the heart and another person has the other piece of the heart and they fit together like two pieces of a puzzle? Think of that in game regarding combos. You need two opposite parts to fit together to create a combo in game. Lets break it down to the two basic parts. And don’t forget that puzzle heart!

The guide is very helpful as it goes over all the different types of combo fields, what they do, and how you can use them to best effect – all with informative and humorous pictures! Go take a look at the guide!


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