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In my first post on Guild Halls, I went over how guilds will be changing in Heart of Thorns and what kinds of things we can expect to see in Guild Halls. I somehow managed to miss the next day when ArenaNet posted fourĀ more blog posts on Guild Halls. Delayed though it may be, here is some more information on what Guild Halls will allow us to do in practice.

Guild Missions

  • They will be the main source of favor.
  • Available to all guilds in the beginning, rather than further down a line of progression like currently.
  • Free to run as much as you want, favor is only earned once a week on the first successful run.
  • As your guild levels up, more missions are unlocked.
  • Guild Challenges and Guild Puzzles will become their own instances, functioning like dungeons.
  • Guild Portal for the guild hall will allow you a free waypoint travel to the nearest WP for each mission/puzzle/thing.


Guilds in WvW

  • Guilds will use the War Room upgrade to claim objectives and make building upgrades
  • Claiming objectives
    • Guild with the most members present has first priority
    • Banners with your guild logo will be displayed, NPCs will have your guild tag
  • Upgrades
    • Three tiers based on how long an objective is held
    • Two different types: Improvements and Tactics
    • Improvements
      • Provide better defenses and new functionality
      • Tougher guards, set traps, etc
    • Tactics
      • Temporarily boost or defend an objective
      • Supply drops, superweapons, etc


Guilds in PvP

  • Introducing Guild Teams!
  • Named, 5-player sub-set of your guild that fights together in PvP with its own rating
  • Fighting in teams provides resources to your guild
  • Teams have one captain each
  • If queued while in a party of at least 3 guild team members, you’ll represent the team you’re a member of
  • Guild Teams Leaderboard
    • Compares the performance of your team against others in your region



  • New guild-focused crafting discipline
  • “Uniquely selfless role within the guild community”
  • Crafts schematics, decorationm etc
  • Schematics
    • Once created, it’s placed into an assembly device that operates similarly to build queues currently
    • Can use resonance to speed up assembly
  • Guild consumables
    • Banners, banquets, world event tokens, etc
  • Improvements and tactics for WvW
  • Decorations
    • Basic ones can be purchased from a vendor in your guild hall
    • Find special materials throughout the world that can be used to upgrade your decorations

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