Guild Wars Players News #29: Lion’s Arch Theme Park

Guild Halls. Pre-purchases. Lion’s Arch. Trait updates. And best of all? Drac’s back! This is a long episode because we just have so much news to talk about this week!

Game News

Guild Wars Players News

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – TMK’d my sylvari warrior into an evil lookin dude; TMK’d my mesmer to be pink and fluffy; World Comp stuff with Ethelros; armorsmith to 400; new LA jumping puzzle, karka killing
  • Draculetta – World Completion (just picked one I needed to finish, doing them in no order) Dredgehaunt Cliffs lot’s to do yet. Took a peek at the new Theme Park that is LA
  • Ethelros – Killin’ Karkas, LA JP, level 70 PS


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  1. I’d like to point out that Felicia Day was not brought up last week because Drac was MIA. Start the counter back at one!

    • draculetta /

      I still can’t believe that did not those 2 did not throw in a Felicia reference when I was gone! 🙂

  2. Just a note, Necromancers in jumping puzzles have their own amazingly selfish trick to aid them.
    The fine skill Spectral Walk gives you both speed boost and a few second do over. Trigger before a dangerous jump, miss the ledge and click a second time to pop back to the original trigger position. It can help even in cases where the fall would be fatal since you can trigger during the fall.
    Unlike our fine Mesmer friends(or crazy folk using Watchwork Portal Devices), the necromancer’s Spectral Walk only aids themselves.

  3. Guild Anthem? I really need to look into that one. I imagine that Teqautl will be a loud, hilarious cacophony of anthems being played right before the lighthouse is destroyed.
    As for guild channels, this is very important to me. I join guilds as part of trying to gather and communicate with more people. Getting separated by a sort of wall of silence (and a lack of extra channels) becomes a barrier for me.

    On the controversy about the preorders: ArenaNet really botched it, not quite with the pricing, but with how the expansion was presented for the pricing and the lack of information about HoT altogether. It left fertile ground for rumblings in the player-base and the core-game-included portion helped light the fuse.

    PSA: Anyone who has not jumped into the Mystic Forge should do that now. Do it at least once. You’ll thank me afterwards.

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