In The Gem Store This Week

Monk’s Outfit 700 gems

We respect the ancient monks’ insights into the arts of protection and healing that got us to where we are today—pay tribute to the past with the Monk’s Outfit!


Drac Says – A small little nod towards Guild Wars Monk Outfit.. meh_red-Custom1

Lion’s Arch Rebuild Dye Kit


Our incredible city has been rebuilt, and it’s more impressive than ever. To celebrate its return, we commissioned a new set of dyes! These dyes are bright with lots of contrast, just like Lion’s Arch itself! Six exclusive colors from a pool of 25 random dyes 125 gems each, 5/500 gems or 25 for 2500 gems

  • Enameled Strawberry
  • Enameled Onset
  • Enameled Morning Glory
  • Enameled Banana
  • Enameled Brass
  • Enameled Amenity

gw2-enameled-dyes_thumb1 *Pic Thanks To Dulfy*


Drac Says – I WANT, no I NEED that Strawberry!!!!! Thumbs_Up-Custom

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