The Latest Points Of Interest Takes A Look At The “New” Lions Arch

Rubi Bayer was joined by Narrative Designer Peter Fries and Environment Design Specialist Josh Foreman for a tour of the rebuilt Lion’s Arch.

The port city has existed for hundreds of years, and over time it has transformed from the Krytan capital to a den of piracy, and then to a thriving center of commerce and trade. The redesign was intended to bolster the city’s defenses and reflect its current role in Tyria while staying true to its nautical roots.


A few of the highlights from the video

The city was attacked by rampaging karka, and a little cleanup work is still needed in the nooks and crannies. Alexander Youngblood designed a karka-hunt achievement that rewards you for finding intrusive hatchlings by giving you your very own karka. The good news is that Princess will devour your excess dragonite ore rather than devouring portions of Lion’s Arch.


Also this is nice touch for those that like to explore every nook and cranny

You might find yourself in some out-of-the-way places while you’re crab hunting, so keep an eye out for Josh’s signature coins. He plants these in areas he refers to as “negative possibility space”—places that players can reach with effort, but that contain no content. The coin is an acknowledgement that explorers have done something cool by finding a way into those places.



They dev’s delve into some of the insights they had, as they were designed this new city..

The video runs 1hour and 15 min, it’s a good watch for those that what some background as to why they made the changes they did.



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