July 10-13 – Revenant and Stronghold Test Weekend

If you pre-purchased Heart of Thorns, get ready to flex your beta-privileges! This weekend you will be getting the ability to create and play a revenant in the existing GW2 world. If you want to test it in PvE, PvP, or WvW is totally up to you. From the announcement,

For this test, we’re looking for your thoughts on balance and how fun it is to play as our new profession, the revenant—along with its newly announced Ventari legend and the staff weapon—in the existing Guild Wars 2 game world with (and against!) existing professions.

So if you have HoT, get out there and test this weekend! Your feedback is important to help make the expansion better when it launches.

On top of the revenant testing, the Stronghold PvP mode will also be available this weekend for testing. Unlike the revenant test, this will be available to anyone who wants to play Unranked PvP from July 10-13, regardless of whether they have HoT pre-purchased or not.

As a result of feedback, Stronghold has had a number of changes since the last time it had an open test. One of the big comments we heard from the most recent open test was a request for queue preferences between Conquest and Stronghold game modes, so we’ve added one that you’ll be able to test out for the first time during this bonus event.

We’ve also added our new Mist Champions, which will give all players access to Turai Ossa, and players who pre-purchased will have access to two additional Mist Champions for the bonus weekend. We’ve also made changes to the balance of NPCs’ abilities, added an overtime mechanic that keeps a game going as long as a lord is still in combat when time runs out, and more! We’re looking to see how well these solutions addressed the feedback we saw from the last public event, and we’ll be gathering any additional thoughts on your experience with the game mode.

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