Guild Wars Players News #31: Dashing vs Dapper

Saira finally comes on the show as this week’s guest and we talk about the upcoming Revenant and Stronghold beta event, the Guild, and dashing charr characters.

Game News

Guild Wars Players News

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Warrior to 80; I hate minion mancers in PvP, Bought HoT Ultimate ed.; made Caelus Windcatcher
  • Draculetta – Nothing.. I had a crazy busy week IRL again… Introduced a friend to The Guild (Show)
  • Ethelros – Created my Pirate Charrdian, Garr Grizzlemane, Completed Living World Season 2
  • Saira – Worked on Maudrey, ascended armor, ran some guild dungeons

GW2 Academy

“What’s something you wish you knew as a new player that you know now?”


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