Kelsandra, Chapter 10

You’ll always revive me. I know you’ll always be there to revive me, just in time.

Those words rang in Kelsandra’s head as she watched the crowds come together like in a painting of a great war, right when the first battle begins. Most of the Norn had blunt swords, only able to hack off the weakened limbs of the undead, and Kelly finished them off once she was able to get a good shot. Her first shot with the arrow nicked the arm of a sylvari elementalist, who barely gave her a glance as he continued with his fighting.

This was chaos. Kelly kept a lookout for the overconfident man, to show off in front of him, or perhaps see if his stretching did him any good. Hanging back within the ranks, she then saw one of the undead’s bodies flop lifelessly on top of a pile of more of its dead. She ran up to the pile; there was a familiar, bright green robe, not tattered, draped over a large man on the bottom.

Kelly almost didn’t recognize Valgar without his mask. She quickly looked up to find herself face-to-face with three undead. Kelly kicked the nearest one sideways in the knee. He stumbled, but then grabbed her and bit her on the thigh. The teeth were sharp but the jaws weak; she cried out as it broke through her pants and skin. Two sylvari came from behind Kelly and took care of the other two undead. One of them stopped to wince at the one that still had his teeth sunk into her leg and shot an arrow into his back at close range. Thankfully, the teeth loosened and Kelly was able to kick him off.

“Pay attention, human!” the female sylvari said loudly before running off.

The crowd of undead was thinning out, so Kelly had plenty of time to get to the bottom of the pile. She grabbed each limp body and threw them to the side. They were light, but her leg buckled underneath her twice, and she felt faint the entire time. Finally, she was able to kneel beside Valgar and concentrate on reviving him. She took a few deep breaths, put her hands on his ribcage, and began.

This time, Kelly could feel every ounce of strength that was taken from her to give to Valgar. He had gotten stronger since they’d first met, and so Kelly had to restore more vitality in the same amount of time.

More urgently now, actually. Kel looked up and around for any undead approaching. She caught a glimpse of the man, the only human in a sea of sylvari, norn, some charr, looking at her from across the now almost-empty beach.

She put her head down and concentrated. Half a minute later, Valgar took in a deep breath and his head jerked up in alarm. He grunted, looked at Kelly, and chuckled weakly.

“Bit of a messy job, this one,” he said.

Cheers of triumph filled the beach. Some norn began to drag the undead’s bodies back into the water.

“I hope that doesn’t result in health complications within the village.” Kelly sat down and sprawled her injured leg out in front of her, gripping her thigh with both hands.

“Sounds like I missed most of the action,” Valgar sighed.

“I did, too.”

The man stood over Kelly and sucked air through his teeth. “That looks like it hurts. You two make a good team.”

Kelly groaned with the pain of the bite. Valgar sat up and examined it. “You need to use an antidote on that.”

“I know that,” she said.

“You got any?” He looked up at the man, who nodded and kneeled beside Kelly.

“You need to get better armor,” the man said.

“I think I need to get better everything.”

He took out a vial and Kelly turned her leg inside so he could pour it over the bite without it spilling down. “I can show you where I saw those charr last,” the man said.

“What—“ Valgar quickly sat up. “What are you talking about?”

Kelly looked at him. “Did you know they were charr, Valgar?”

The man smiled. “My name’s Allister. I’ve been following that family for a while, to see if they cared enough to do anything about it.”

“You’re from the Plains? Halr—“ Valgar started.

“Halrunting Plains, yes. I took care of those children when they disappeared.”

“No, no,” the norn said, “they disappeared from this village first.”

“That’s true,” Allister said, turning Kelly’s leg, now numb, over so she could sit straight. “But then there was a stay for about a month in the Plains, where I lived with my mother.”

“Good!” Kelly said, which earned a glare from Valgar. She ignored him. “Take us there, and we can follow whatever happened afterward.”

“That’s a long way away,” Valgar said.

“More action. We can handle action. And travel is—“

“Long. Over a month.” Valgar grunted as he shifted his weight and looked at the two humans warily.

“I’m not a traveling person,” Allister said. “The journey here was enough. I’ll show you on a map. I think your leg should be fine.“

Kelly moved her leg voluntarily and it was only slightly numb. She stood up.

“We don’t need to be shown on a map,” Valgar said, joining his friend. “We’re leaving, Kelly. There’s nothing more you can tell us that will help.”

“But—“ Kelly untied her handkerchief, the knot of which had become tangled in her hair. “How do you know that?” She folded it and tucked it into her belt.

“I’ll buy you a new mask at Lion’s Arch. I lost mine in the river.” He trudged back down the path they’d embarked on to leave the village. She followed, looking back.

“You’re going to need to know how to ask for help in the future!” the sandy-haired human called after them.

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