Adventures – Competitive Solo Challenges

Adventures have been touched on slightly since the announcement of Heart of Thorns, but not too many details beyond the core concept have been discussed. Today though we got a blog post detailing why Adventures are going to be a thing as well as an example of an Adventure you’ll come across in HoT.

Solo, Timed Challenges

  • No other players have direct impact on your success or failure.
  • If there is fighting involved, the Adventure is instanced. If it’s in the open world, you won’t have to fight for resources against other players.
  • They’ve sought to reduce unpredictable elements and randomness from Adventures – make sure to watch carefully for the patterns.
  • Rapid replay – Being able to quit and restart an Adventure quickly is key since it’s all about timing.
  • They utilize a variety of skills –
    • Mastery system
    • Player skills
    • Transformations


  • Each Adventure has it’s own board displaying the completion times of players.
  • Rewards
    • Bragging rights
    • Daily participation rewards
    • Rewards based on the tier you completed in – Gold, Silver, or Bronze

Filling the Gaps

  • They looked at current open world content types – hero challenges, renown, jumping puzzles, etc – and found they lacked a few key things
    • replay value
    • social interaction
    • ties to game story
  • “Each Adventure showcases a seemingly simple path to victory that requires strategy, practice, and mastery in order to excel and ultimately achieve success.”

Shooting Gallery Adventure

A Pact ship carrying many human nobles has crashed in the Maguuma Jungle. Survivors, frightened by the thought of being stranded in the jungle, have made makeshift target dummies out of their spare clothes and are practicing their accuracy using discarded Pact rifles. Grab a gun, and show these nobles a thing or two about marksmanship!

The premise of this Adventure is simple—you have a short amount of time to shoot as many targets as you can before the nobles’ shoddy craftsmanship begins to show and the target dummies degrade. You’re given a rifle with a few shots left, and you can collect additional ammunition that’s strewn about the area. Additionally, the nobles will give you ammunition as a reward for accuracy and prowess.

  • You need to figure out the pattern the dummies appear, when/where to get ammo, and more to minimize your time and get a high rating.

You can see Adventures in action tomorrow on the Points of Interest livestream!

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