The Story of Annon: Missing Part 1


Chapter 2: Missing

Part 1: Making Plans

I’m turning sections with certain themes into chapters. The first was Overworked, this is Missing and the next… I don’t know myself yet. It’s still continuing to evolve and I’m going to expand the base from here, so while the story is about Annon it will also follow those involved in her story. Things are going to get interesting very soon. *cough cough, hint hint*


“Ha, chalk up another point to the asura. Those bookahs can’t keep up with my intellect.”, Annon gloated. The previous night, she had waited exactly 30 minutes after Sharpsteel fell asleep to hatch her plan. After stealthily swapping out her golems arm the charr was clasped around with her note, she and Menace took off.

She knew by the time the two charr would awake that the wind would have covered her tracks in the sand, but she had Menace venting air behind them to assist the process; ‘better safe than sorry’, she always thought. It was early dawn and the sky was an artful mixture of grey, orange and red. The charr would be up by now, scrambling to find her.

They would likely return to the zephyrites to inquire her whereabouts. While obtaining supplies the day prior, Annon intentionally hinted to the sky merchants where she was headed, but her objective was really in the opposite direction. By the time the charr figure out they’re going the wrong way, she’d be long gone. ‘Still,’ she wondered, ‘what to do next?’

Menace, whom had been quiet since the previous night spoke, “Miss-Annon, may-I-request-a-break? I-believe-something-has-come-loose.” Annon thought she heard something rattling around for the last several minutes, but wanted to get as far away as she could before stopping. Dragging her golem along was going to make things difficult, but it carried all the supplies and was her only friend. “Alright, we’ll make a quick stop near that cave and I will see what’s wrong.”

A few minutes later, Menace and Annon were in the shade of a small cave; it didn’t go far back and it seemed as though nothing made its home there. The young asura hopped off of her golem and got to work. There was sand in everything; joints, cogs and even the cooling system. She had pushed the golem too hard, now she had a few hours of repair to learn from her mistake. “You look like a sandcastle.”, Annon yelled from inside the golem, banging on everything with a wrench, trying to loosen the sand. The golem didn’t respond and the asura continued her work in silence.


Time passed and heat blanketed the ground outside, thankfully the shade of the cave made sure it was only warm, instead of boiling. Annon had taken a break from her completed work and Menace was at the back of the cave, in power saving mode. She sat up and went to swap into her combat gear.

As she was changing, she talked to herself about what she had to do next. “So, where to commence? I must head further west and track down a mordrem, then I have to capture or kill it; preferably the former. Upon bringing it back to Uncle Meltak, he will have what he wanted to research, I prove my capability to defend myself and I can remain in the field. It will be like knocking out two skritt with one metaphysical question.”

The warmth was comforting on Annon’s skin as she lay on the ground. She was so tired from her lack a sleep, ‘Well, an hour or so wouldn’t hurt.’, she thought to herself, eyes already closed. The young asura drifted off to sleep. What will happen next for the missing progeny?

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