Guild Wars Players News #32: Jade Wind

If this episode sounds a bit different, it’s all Cithryth’s fault. She couldn’t stop coughing an dying throughout the recording. Ethelros and Drac manage to hold the show and discuss revenants, Stronghold, and a bit of Guild Wars lore.

Game News

Guild Wars Players News


The Jade Wind

  • 872AE
  • When Shiro Tagachi was slain, he let out a wail, unleashing magic that he had stolen from Emperor Angsiyan when he killed him
  • The wail became the Jade Wind, spread far and turned the Jade Sea into solid jade and the Echovald Forest (and everything in it) to stone
  • In the Durmand Priory archives in the Living Story, you can find a huge worm encased in jade, cut from the Jade Sea to study

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Lots of Stronghold and revenant; <3 my charrlementalist; not much else, very sick
  • Draculetta – Claw Island PS On Necro. Vigil Char, so I got to see ¬†Warmaster Forgal Kernsson die. Still say Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw death was more powerful. I cared about him more I guess.
  • Ethelros – Stronghold; Garr Grizzlemane to 22, 20 PS complete


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Email from Lady Teszla –

Hey Cith, thought you might enjoy this fun glitch I got in Lion’s Arch with my new little elementalist, Zivvy. She jumped off the lighthouse and kept her bathing suit on even after we used a waypoint.


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  1. The cgi trailer for GW Factions features Shiro’s betrayal, death, and the release of the Jade Wind. For anyone interested:

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