Revenant Shiro Livestream and Changes

During the Points of Interest livestream on Friday and in an additional forum post by Roy Chronacher, ArenaNet has revealed some tweaks and changes that have been made to the revenant profession since the most recent beta weekend. Below you can watch the full Points of Interest episode featuring gameplay of the Shiro Tagachi revenant legend and trait line:

And if you’re interested in seeing the specifics of what changes they’ve made to the revenant prfoession as a whole, check out Roy Chronacher’s posts here. They are quite long (required two posts!) and detailed but based on my experiences with the revenant in the beta test weekend, these are much needed changes. Here’s the more general info to give you an idea:

Hey, everyone! If you caught the Points of Interest livestream today, then you’ll know that we’ve made some changes based on the tons of awesome feedback from the test weekend as well as internal testing feedback. We didn’t go over them all during the livestream, but now is the chance to do it!

These changes are made internally and will be seen in the next iteration of the revenant that you all get to play. This will be a chance to see what’s coming for the revenant and a chance to give feedback. Also, the legendary assassin stance, sword (main-hand), sword (off-hand), and devastation traits will be available in the next playable iteration, in addition to this list of changes. The blog post can be found here if you haven’t had a chance to check it out.

In general, we understand the revenant felt like it needed some tuning during the test weekend. A lot of these changes are to address things like damage output, condition output, flow, casting times, and weapon versatility. Hopefully these changes will provide a much different experience when you get the chance to play it next!

These are a few broader changes made to the profession. There was a lot of feedback on the lack of speed and versatility of the profession, and these are intended to help address those concerns.

  • Weapon swap has been added.
  • Invoking legends is now an instant cast by default.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented skill queuing from working correctly.


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