Tempest: Elementalist Elite Specialization

Breaking from their usual elite specialization reveal schedule, today ArenaNet has given information to Ten Ton Hammer to reveal the details about the elementalist elite specialization: the tempest. Tempests will gain access to warhorn off-hand usage as well as a new way to use their attunements called “overloading”.

F1 Fire Overload


  • After being in a given attunement for a bit, you will be able to perform a channeled ability specific to the attunement
  • Overload Fire: You build an infernal tornado over time that continuously damages and burns enemies while granting allies might. Completing the ability leave the tornado at your current position for a period of time.
  • Overload Water: You pull water into an aquatic bubble that allows you to regenerate and cleanse conditions from yourself and nearby allies. At the end of channeling, your bubble will pop and provide AoE healing to allies.
  • Overload Air: You create a nimbus cloud above you that repeatedly strikes nearby enemies. Upon channel completion, a lightning field is left at your location to continue to strike enemies.
  • Overload Earth: You rend the earth, taking a ride on it and granting protection to nearby allies and crippling enemies. Upon returning to earth you deliver an immobilizing blast.
  • Once you use an Overload ability, you’re locked out of using that attunement for a brief time

Utility (Eye of the Storm)

Utility Skills

  • Wash the Pain Away (heal) – Heals allies and cleanses conditions from them. Unlike traditional healing skills, this will heal allies the same amount you are healed.
  • Feel the Burn (utility) – You sear your voice into the ground, which causes growing flames to emit from that location
  • Eye of the Storm (utility) – You call a storm down on nearby allies and yourself, breaking stuns and granting superspeed.
  • Aftershock (utility) – Create a powerful earthen force around you, crippling nearby enemies. After a short delay, an aftershock immobilizes enemies.
  • Freeze (utility) – Cause the air around enemies to cool and harden, damaging and chiling them for a period of time.
  • Rebound (elite) – Shout. Affects all allies around you and causes their next ability to have a 25% reduced recharge.

Warhorn Skill (Fire)


  • Hardy Conduit (minor trait) – Grants protection when you begin to channel an overload skill
  • Speedy Conduit (minor trait) – +33% movement speed when overloading an attunement

In addition to all of the above information, Ten Ton Hammer also interviewed game designer Karl McLain about the tempest profession. You can see McLain this Friday at 12PM Pacific Time on the official GW2 Twitch channel as he showcases some tempest gameplay! Below you can see the interview transcript as seen on Ten Ton Hammer’s article:

F Ability (Fire)

Ten Ton Hammer: How long does it typically take to overload an attunement and is each attunement overload time the same?

Karl: Currently, it takes anywhere from 2.75 seconds to 5 seconds to fully complete an overload ability. Each overload has a specific thing that they do while channeling (damage, control, support), and an additional effect at the end of the ability. An example of this is that you’ll overload your water attunement to rapidly heal and cleanse conditions from your allies for 2.75 seconds, then burst water outward for a large heal and area-effect regeneration.

Ten Ton Hammer: Once you’ve used an overload skill, how long is the cooldown before you can use it again and is there an interruptible cast time when overloading an attunement?

Karl: Being as these abilities are so powerful and exhausting, overloading an attunement has a 20-second recharge and will set that attunement on the same recharge, 15 seconds if you have the trait “Harmonious Conduit” equipped. Being interrupted will set everything on full cooldown, so make sure you’re in an opportunistic position when using them! An exception to this is Earth attunement, in which you’re given a break-bar that will eat a few control-skills before you’re interrupted.

Ten Ton Hammer: The use of the warhorn is likely a surprise to many. Why do you think people should be excited about this weapon set over others?

Karl: Warhorn’s going to give elementalists eight new abilities (based on attunement) and provide a much more control-oriented option for them. Where daggers are offensive and focus is more defensive, you’ll see the warhorn gain more area control and group support via fields and wide-range skills, while being less self-defensive or single-target offensive.

Ten Ton Hammer: Could you provide us with a greater example of one of the Warhorns skills?

Karl: Visually, Wildfire is probably one of the more iconic abilities for the warhorn. While in fire attunement, you’ll spread flames forward, providing allies with a constantly growing fire field that applies continuous damage and burning to enemies for a long period of time. While in Water, you’ll fire out a regenerative moving water field that you can follow up and blast on top of to heal allies even further.

Elite Skill_0

Ten Ton Hammer: How do you envisage the Tempest will be played and what role is it fulfilling? Is it similar to Dagger/Dagger or a mix of Dagger/Staff playstyles?

Karl: The tempest is envisioned as a close-to-mid range combat style. You’re encouraged to be up with your front-line with area denial abilities, controlling enemies and healing allies, while overloading attunements to maintain pressure against enemies who dare venture near. The tempest synergizes well with dagger main-hand and has a variety of support to some builds already available to the elementalist, while being open enough to assist in its own unique playstyle. With shouts coming into play, you’ll be offered a fairly unique ability to break stun for allies as well.

Ten Ton Hammer: Finally, can you provide us with an example of a skill combination that the Tempest uses that’s particularly effective?

Karl: With a dagger/warhorn setup, you can lay down either Wildfire or Water Orb, then blast it for beneficial effects. Afterward, use Tidal Surge and switch to Earth. If Tidal Surge hits, immediately use Shock and Aftershock to immobilize while immediately using Magnetic Grasp, to extend immobilize duration on a single enemy. From there, use Dust Storm to begin constantly blinding enemies in the area (and your immobilized target). I’d follow up with a Ring of Earth for good measure, look to Wash the Pain Away for allies that might be injured, then begin overloading your earth attunement, as it will apply constant protection to allies while crippling then immobilizing nearby enemies. Blast out your Sand Squall to extend the duration of protection you just applied and then switch over to offensive mode in Air or Fire and look to overload those attunements if the opportunity arises, to continue your unrelenting pressure.

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