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This week’s big news reveal for Heart of Thorns is the elementalist elite specialization – the tempest! We discuss all the new element abilities, Ethelros’ second world completion, and in-game gold.

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  • Originally given to the sentient races of Tyria by the human god Abaddon
  • King Doric (human) begged the gods to take back magic, as it had caused lots of bloodshed and wars
  • Human gods created the Bloodstone to limit the use of magic in the world
    • Split this stone into 5 and plunged it into a volcano in the ring of fire
    • Made it so that even today Tyrians cannot use magic to its fullest extent
  • Four schools of magic
    • Preservation
    • Destruction
    • Aggression
    • Denial

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Vinewrath and SW chest trains forevah, Hit 100g for the first time (and promptly spent it all); My chaos greatsword skin finally sold, Gift of Twilight complete
  • Draculetta – And nothing. Busy week. Gen Con Next Week, so trying to get ready.
  • Ethelros – PvLag; finished World Completion; tried crafting, it’s kinda bad


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  1. I’d like to argue that if the revenant can now swap weapons, then engineers and elementalists should be allowed to as well, with that argument anyways. Engineeres are forced to use kits if they want to swap weapons, which takes away from their utilities. And sure, one can rule eles out because they can swap between four attunements, but they’re stuck with one play style at a time, either close or ranged really. Now, revs will have two weapon sets AND two skill bar sets, that sound fair to the other classes? Sure it needs balancing, but this is not a balance fix.


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