Making Gold in the Silverwastes

Recently on Guild Wars Players News I talked about how I was able to make around 100 gold in four days using the Silverwastes. I had been doing the Vinewrath event cycle at least a few times a week and chest trains once in a great while previously, but hadn’t found myself making as much gold as I felt like I should have. So after a little research and method tweaking, I present to you a pretty good way to make gold in the Silverwastes!

What You’ll Need


  • A level 80 character
  • Familiarity with the “Foothold”/Vinewrath event cycle in the Silverwastes
    • Foothold overview – The wiki gives a good overview of what you need to do for the Foothold event
    • Vinewrath guide – As always, Dulfy has a very thorough guide to the system and champions you’ll face during the Vinewrath event. This guide tells you how to get achievements, too.
  • Lots of Bandit Skeleton Keys
    • You can get these from SW events, Piles of Silky Sand, and you can also buy them from the merchant at Camp Resolve for Bandit Crests
  • Lots of bag space!


Getting the Loot


Step One: Foothold/Vinewrath event cycle

Head into the Silverwastes and start looking for a good map to start your event cycle on. Open up your LFG window (Press Y, by default) and click on the magnifying glass tab on the left side of the window. Look for someone advertising “SW” with a percentage of 50% or above. The percentage is mostly personal preference – some people prefer to look for a higher percentage number so that the event is further along, but I find that the time spent looking for the right map is better spent just doing the sub-events in the Silverwastes anyway.

Once you’ve joined a group, right click the leader and choose to “Join in the Silverwastes” to get to the right map. Once you’re there you can leave the group. This is method is called “taxi-ing” people in to make sure the map is full of people – thus ensuring that the Vinewrath event will have enough people to be completed.

Get out into the Silverwastes and defend the fortresses and supply bulls. Jumps in and do Breach once it starts. Go to the lane of your choice for Vinewrath and if all goes well the Pact will be victorious and the vines will recede and the map’s event cycle will begin again in 18 minutes. You should have a fair amount of loot and bags from the event completion chests, the big chest at the end of Vinewrath, and the Lost Bandit Chests that come up next to it. Optionally you can follow everyone as they leave the Vinewrath Tangle room to go kill the three Champions near Red Rock Bastion to get even more stuff.

Camp Resolve (green); Red Rock Bastion, Indigo Cave, Blue Oasis, Amber Sandfall fortresses (all in their respective colors); Vinewrath event lanes (cyan); Hidden Depths Labyrinth area (pink).

Camp Resolve (green); Red Rock Bastion, Indigo Cave, Blue Oasis, Amber Sandfall fortresses (all in their respective colors); Vinewrath event lanes (cyan); Hidden Depths Labyrinth area (pink).

You can also do the Hidden Depths Labyrinth if you want to drive yourself crazy trying not to get killed by bioluminescent wolves, but I choose not to.

Step Two: Chest Trains (Choo choo!)

Sometimes if you’re lucky with your event map, the people on your map will band together and do a chest train. If you’re not so lucky (like I am 99% of the time), open that LFG window again and look for someone advertising for a chest train. This one can be a little silly – people use lots of funny terms to advertise. Basically just keep a look out for advertisements with the following phrases:

  • Chest Train
  • Choo Coo
  • Bring Shovels

Once you get a group, join them in their Silverwastes map. If you open up your map, you should see someone with a commander tag running around the map with little red pings going off every so often. That’s the chest train! Go and catch up with them! You’ll see a large group of people seemingly running from one random spot to another. Where they stop (and where the red pings go off on your minimal) are Lost Bandit Chests. Make sure you have your Bandit Skeleton Keys with you!

This is the approximate route most people take while leading a chest train, starting at the big cyan dot at the northern exit of Camp Resolve and ending at the Merchant (gold star) in Camp Resolve.

This is the approximate route most people take while leading a chest train, starting at the big cyan dot at the northern exit of Camp Resolve and ending at the Merchant (gold star) in Camp Resolve.

A piece of etiquette advice: make sure to bring at least a few Silverwastes Shovels. You can get these randomly from the sub-events during the Foothold event from earlier. It’s good etiquette to use shovels on any chest train you’re a part of, that way it doesn’t end up being one person using all their shovels while everyone else mooches off of them. You’ll know you should use one if everyone has been standing in one spot for a really long time and there’s no chest to unlock. Whip out that shovel and dig, for the good of the train!

Feel free to go with the train for as many laps around the map as you want. I usually stop once I get around 100 Embroidered Coin Purses, just because 100 is a nice round number. But sometimes you join a chest train late and the commander leaves after a lap or two.

Rinse and repeat Steps One and Two as needed and get lots of phat loot!

Making Gold from the Loot

Start opening up those loot bags! You’ll probably also have some other loose loot from your events and chests. Depending on how much bag space you have, you’ll probably have to go through your loot in batches. Whatever works best for you! But here’s what you should do with all the loot…

Armour and Weapons

  • Blue and Green outlined items
    • Use a salvage kit on all light armour pieces, sell the Silk you get to the Trading Post
    • Sell everything else to a merchant
      • Reasoning – If you salvage them, you just get crafting materials and sigils that sell on the Trading Post for the same or less than what they sell to the merchant. Save your salvage kits and TP posting fees and just sell the items to the vendor outright. I feel like this was a big part of what kickstarted my gold earning.
  • Yellow (Rare) outlined items
    • If you have some good quality salvage kits (Black Lion Salvage Kit, Mystic Salvage Kit, or any gem-bought salvage kits), salvage these to sell the Globs of Ectoplasm
    • If you don’t have any good quality salvage kits, just sell these items directly to the Trading Post. You usually get at least 30s for each, if not more.
  • Orange (Exotic) outlined items
    • Depending on the item, you might choose to keep it for your character to use (or for an alt).
    • Personally 90% of the time I sell these to the Trading Post, they usually sell for 1-2g, sometimes more!


Crafting Materials

If you’re big on crafting, you might want to save some of the crafting materials you come across. However if your goal is just straight up gold-making, then SELL to the Trading Post! Here are some items that sell particularly well:

  • Silk
  • Orichalcum Ore
  • Fine Crafting Materials (the Fangs, Bones, Totems, Venom Sacs, etc)
  • Rare Crafting Materials (Lodestones, Charges, and Fragments of various types. Some sell way better than others!)
  • Globs of Ectoplasm


Everything Else

Anything else you come across – ‘trophy’ items, runes and sigils, etc – you can pretty much just sell to the merchant.


And that’s it!

Personally with this method, I make pretty good gold. If I join a Silverwastes map with a Foothold bar at around 50%, it takes about 30 minutes until the whole cycle is complete and I’m back in the Grove selling loot. On average I make about 6-7g from those event cycles, so sometimes I make more and sometimes I make less. It depends if I get lucky with exotics and rares. For a chest train, three laps of the map will take around an hour. Again, this depends though – if your commander is going more slowly it might take longer. After 3 laps I make an average of 12-15g.

This is my favorite way of making money. Sure, you could min/max your character build and join meta zerk dungeon speed runs and do dungeons over and over and probably make more gold in less time, but for me that’s just not as appealing.

If you have any questions or have your own gold-earning method in the Silverwastes, let us know in the comments!


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