Weekly Outfit – Arianell, sylvari elementalist

This week’s outfit is courtesy of SilverStargazer, who sent in their sylvari elementalist, Arianell!

I was looking through my screenshots last night and found one from mid-2014 in one of the most beautiful Tyrian locations (in my opinion) – the Cavern of the Shining Lights in Dry Top – and I felt like sharing it with you. The character’s name is Arianell and she is a sylvari elementalist. I recently changed her gear to the Luminescent set and a dagger/focus weapon loadout, but I’ve always liked this original look and I’m glad that I have this memento.

She is wearing the Phoenix armour set, but with a Conjurer mantle and the Wraith Masque headgear to convey her preference for Air magic in a manner evocative of Marvel’s Storm. The armour is dyed Purple Tint and Honey Ice, with all feathered areas dyed White. She is wielding a Princess Wand and Zenith Dagger, and has a Fervid Censer backpiece to make her a little more planty (and also so I can see bees floating towards me as she runs when I’m using nVidia 3dVision!).

Armor Used:

Pheonix armor set

Conjurer Mantle

Wraith Masque

Fervid Censer

Weapon Used:

Princess Wand

Zenith Dagger

Dyes Used:

Purple Tint

Honey Ice


Every week we want to feature a cosmetic creation from the community here at Guild Wars Players! If you think your character is particularly snazzy looking, send us your screenshots to contact@guildwarsplayers.com

Make sure to include your character’s name, race, profession and what armors and dyes are used.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • The “Print Screen” button takes screenshots by default and they get saved to My Documents > Guild Wars 2 > Screens
  • CTRL + SHIFT + H hides all UI elements, making for clutter-free screenshots!
  • Make sure you get a screenshot with good lighting – screenshots in the dark (unless you’re showing off glow effects) can be very hard to see.
  • A screenshot of your dye panel might be very handy if you’re using a wide range of dyes!

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